How to Create Frighteningly Good Halloween Photos

October 27, 2011 | Mark Goldstein | Photography Techniques | Comment |

Tell a story

Every Halloween costume tells a story. Make sure you capture it.

Show your little angel turning into a little devil, ghost, princess, clown - or whatever costume they dream up. Take pictures throughout the transformation - from the same angle, if possible. This will allow you to create an interesting photo book later on.

Keep your camera handy, you never know when the perfect trick-or-treat moment will occur. The Kodak EasyShare Sport is water-proof and dust-proof so you need not worry about breaking your camera and is perfect for capturing those apple-bobbing moments.

Move in close

To create impactful pictures, move in close and fill your viewfinder or LCD with the subject.

Step in close or use your camera's zoom to emphasise what is important and exclude the rest.

Check the manual for your camera's closest focusing distance. If you are closer than that distance, use the camera's macro or 'flower' mode to get a sharp close-up.

How to Create Frighteningly Good Photos This Halloween

Act the part

Ask your child to get into character when you snap your pictures. Have your Witch casting a spell or your little Devil striking his most evil pose.

Add some action to your shots. Get your child to move in her costume - your ballerina can pirouette, and your pirate can show off his swashbuckling skills.

How to Create Frighteningly Good Photos This Halloween

Create a ghostly picture

Know someone who doesn't believe in ghosts? Create photographic proof - create a ghostly picture using your own camera. The results are frighteningly good.

Set the camera exposure to 8 seconds.

Have the subject remain in the shot for 5 seconds, then duck out.

This will create a double exposure, making their image appear transparent.

Experiment with this technique - try having the subject move VERY SLOWLY as you photograph them, this will give the appearance of a ghost on the move.

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