Top 10 Tips for Memory Card Maintenance

November 25, 2010 | Mark Goldstein | Photography Techniques | Comment |

5. Use a card reader

It's  best not to connect the camera to the computer via a USB cable, as this drains your camera battery.

Also, if the USB cable is accidentally disconnected, it will interrupt image transfer and possibly corrupt images.

Instead, use a card reader, which is a much faster, safer, and more efficient method. The Lexar® Professional ExpressCard™ reader, for example, offers high-speed file transfer - up to 133MB/s.

6. Try to not delete images on your camera

If there's an image you don't like, don't delete it on the camera. Choose a high-capacity memory card, which allows you to shoot uninterrupted for longer so you don't need to spend time clearing space during shooting. 

It's more efficient to wait until you have downloaded your images to your computer, so you can have the operating system handle the deletion rather than the camera.

Top 10 Tips for Memory Card Maintenance

7. Don't remove the card from the camera too early

When you are ready to transfer your images from your card to the computer, always wait until the red light indicating image transfer has turned off before removing the memory card from your camera.

8. Don't panic

If your card gets wet, don't panic. Since Lexar memory cards are all made of solid state memory with no moving parts, they are incredibly durable. If your card gets wet just ensure you dry it out before you put it back into any electric equipment.

Top 10 Tips for Memory Card Maintenance

9. Backup first

Any time you have taken images that are very important to you, or you have taken photographs for a paying client, make sure to keep the images on your memory card until you have backed up the images.

For the most peace of mind, you should back up to multiple hard drives on your computer and preferably have you backups in multiple locations.

10. Label your cards

Label your memory cards with your name and phone number so that, if you misplace it, there is a better chance you might get it back.

If you want to find out more about card care, you can watch my video here.

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