Wedding Photography for Beginners - Part 3

September 30, 2009 | Mark Goldstein | Photography Techniques | Comment |

On the wedding day…

The Church

As soon as you are in the church remember the guidelines the vicar has given you; check your camera settings in relation to the light, take stock for a second and quietly capture as much as you are allowed.

An image that often means so much to the bride and groom is the first shot of them walking down the isle after they have been married.

If you are concerned about them blinking, capture a few images when they are looking away from camera, chatting and acknowledging their friends, as these make wonderful images for an album.

As soon as you have what you need here dash outside and make sure that you and your camera are ready to capture the couple in the doorway, a wonderful image. Watch the light; keep them within the shade of the church if you can, a top shade gift.

When the bride and groom step into the church grounds encourage them away from the church front to prevent a line-up that would delay the wedding day completely.

Wedding Photography for Beginners - Part 3

A really great tip is to guide the couple to a photogenic area of the grounds with shade, to ensure that all of the images you gain of them greeting their friends are captured in the most flattering light. This is not always possible, and sometimes you have to just go with the flow. Start with the bride and groom, then add the bride’s family, then the groom’s family, then encourage both families together, lastly adding the friends, capturing each image as you go, as speed is of the essence.


Watch the time, you will know when the bride and groom are due to leave for the reception so just before this liaise with the bridal car driver, tell him you are about to do the confetti shots, so he is ready too. He will really appreciate the consideration.

Wedding Photography for Beginners - Part 3

Look for the bride maids; give them the nod, as you want to get as many confetti carriers as possible. To a degree you are setting up the shot, trying to get everyone into the right position, it will not always pan out as you had hoped but wherever possible make it happen in a relaxed manner. Shot as many images as you can here, as with all action shots a large proportion will end up in the trash. Capture the confetti on the floor, the atmosphere it creates with the guests, and the laughter. When the bride and groom see these images they will mean so much to them.

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