Wedding Photography for Beginners - Part 4

November 4, 2009 | Mark Goldstein | Photography Techniques | Comment |

Making the most of the wedding!

The birth of digital photography liberated us in many ways and has given all so much scope to shoot shoot shoot and shoot some more.  

The danger for the bride, groom and photographer, is an overwhelming set of images that might over-face the most enthusiastic of clients.

Firstly consider the customer, present a varied range of images which might hit the three hundreds depending upon the type of wedding - but many more I feel might be a little unfair for everyone!

Heart breaking for the photographer, as rejection is not great for anyone certainly hard for us creative photographers who place their heart and soul into photography.

And secondly for the client as they may be in danger of feeling they have just lost a great deal of their wedding day. This is just a personal viewpoint, but one worth taking on board.

Wedding Photography for Beginners - Part 4

The methods used to present images has been such a great debate, as we are all searching for the most effective, and efficient method that not only works for the client, but importantly works for the business too. As a rule, we prefer the slide presentation utilising Microsoft expression media which is simple, easy to use and very adaptable. Find a system that suits you then refine what you do, as the focus must always be on the client and not on the technology you are using.

My motivation when creating the perfect environment is for the bride and groom and secondly the business and the business’ reputation. Building a great experience for the client will give them a talking point - this is the final stage of their experience with your business, so it’s a vital stage. Reliving the wedding day, together with your guidance on the photos, can be totally rewarding and emotional for both you and the client.

Set the scene for couple by creating the total experience - take a bottle of champagne with you - they will naturally appreciate your attention and the fact that you are extending the wedding celebration as seeing the images for the first time is a big moment for the client.

Wedding Photography for Beginners - Part 4

For over a decade now we have preferred to do the wedding viewings within the client’s home. A question we are frequently asked during training seminars is should both sets of the parents be present at the viewing. Our advice wherever possible is try to avoid this, as the viewing than can become complicated, as both sets of parents might have differing budgets, the parents might talk the couple out of images that they do not see the value of. However, it may be worth investing the time to do three viewings, as that maximises your chances of gaining three orders, and the right level of order for each customer. Then no one feels difficult within the situation!

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