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We're constantly asked the question "What is the best digital camera?" and below we've listed our top-rated compact, mirrorless, DSLR and phone cameras. Our recommendations are also available with UK prices.

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Best Mirrorless Camera Under $500

25th November 2019 $499.00 So overall, although there's very little new on offer, the new Lumix GX880 remains an attractively designed, compellingly compact starter camera.​ Read the Review.

Best Mirrorless Camera Under $1000

24th April 2020 $699.00 ...the new Fujifilm X-T200 is an even better step-up camera than its predecessor, successfully bridging the gap between complete beginner and more experienced enthusiast without too many compromises in either regard. Read the Review.

3rd February 2020 $750.00 As it features exactly the same 24.2 megapixel sensor as the A6400 and A6600 cameras, along with the latest Bionz X image processor, you'd be hard-pressed to tell any difference between the image quality from the A6100 and its more expensive siblings. Read the Review.

4th December 2019 $899.00 This is a compact, lightweight camera that is a joy to use thanks to its deep handgrip, logical control layout, and very good electronic viewfinder and LCD screen. Read the Review.

9th May 2019 $899.00 ​Panasonic have moved the Lumix G90 in a different direction to previous versions. They've added several major new features to make it more video-friendly, namely the unlimited recording time, free built-in V-Log L profile, slow-motion recording at 120fps, and the addition of a headphone jack, making it a great B-cam to accompany the flagship GH5/GH5s cameras. Read the Review.

Best Mirrorless Camera Over $1000

21st October 2020 $5,999.00 The concept of a modular digital camera system that can also pair up with Hasselblad's film cameras caught our imagination. The design does not disappoint. It's a stunning camera, superbly crafted, embodying past film cameras yet armed with a modern twist. Read the Review.

23rd September 2020 $1,999.00 The new Lumix S5 may be the cheapest camera in Panasonic's full-frame lineup, but in many ways it's also the most appealing, especially if you regularly shoot a mix of stills and video. Read the Review.

16th September 2020 $3,500.00 All things considered, the Sony A7S III is the most capable hybrid 4K video camera available today. Armed with Sony's latest Bionz XR processor, lightning fast and reliable continuous AF, an unhindered array of 4K video modes up to 120fps, fully responsive 10fps stills, there is little that the A7S III cannot do well. Read the Review.

2nd September 2020 $3,900.00 The new EOS R5 is the most full-featured Canon camera to date, with its combination of a 45 megapixel sensor and 8K video recording along with cutting-edge mirrorless technology resulting in one of the most powerful cameras on the market. Read the Review.

4th August 2020 $2,500.00 The new EOS R6 is the best full-frame mirrorless Canon camera to date, and unless you really need 8K video, the camera that mid-range DSLR owners should buy if they're looking to switch to mirrorless. Read the Review.

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Best DSLR Camera Over $1000

25th May 2020 $6,499.00 What you're getting for your investment is a complex and comprehensively featured workhorse of a camera, that, while it may well give you back ache, will also provide years of service. Read the Review.

5th March 2020 $2,299.00 Overall, the Nikon D780 is a fantastic work-horse camera that is a good all-rounder for both professionals and advanced enthusiasts. Those who are working professionals already equipped with higher-specced cameras, such as the D850 or the Z7 might consider the D780 as a good second camera, while it could also be a main camera such is its versatility. Read the Review.

3rd October 2019 $1,200.00 The Canon EOS 90D is a nice camera to use if you like the traditional styling and handling of a DSLR, while if you’re already equipped with a range of EF/EF-S lenses then it makes a lot of sense to make the 90D your next purchase. Read the Review.

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Best Phone Camera

24th September 2020 $899.00 Image quality is obviously the most important thing to consider, and on the whole the OnePlus 8 Pro does a fantastic job. Photos are bright and punchy with a good amount of detail. Read the Review.

18th November 2019 $729.00 For those who place a lot of weight on the quality of their smartphone camera, Apple has produced something very appealing with its lower cost iPhone 11 model. By equipping it with an almost identical camera as its more expensive sibling, Apple has made the choice between the two quite a tricky one. Read the Review.

4th October 2019 $1,050.00 If you have a particular penchant for Apple and have the funds to go for an iPhone 11 Pro, then you won’t be disappointed with the quality of the camera onboard... Read the Review.

15th August 2019 $600.00 Overall, image quality is excellent, with bright, vibrant colours and a satisfying impression of overall detail. Low light shooting is well facilitated by the Night mode, while modes such as Portrait and Aperture allow you to get a little bit creative. Read the Review.

26th July 2019 $669.00 The OnePlus 7 Pro offers something which builds on the previous OnePlus models, and although it’s no longer the bargain that it once was, it still offers great value for money. Read the Review.