Best Phone Camera

Best Phone Camera

15th August 2019 $600.00 Overall, image quality is excellent, with bright, vibrant colours and a satisfying impression of overall detail. Low light shooting is well facilitated by the Night mode, while modes such as Portrait and Aperture allow you to get a little bit creative. Read the Review.

26th July 2019 $669.00 The OnePlus 7 Pro offers something which builds on the previous OnePlus models, and although it’s no longer the bargain that it once was, it still offers great value for money. Read the Review.

7th June 2019 $399.00 Images directly from the Google Pixel 3a's camera are great, with vibrant colours and nice levels of sharpness. The Portrait mode creates good shallow depth of field effects, while we continue to be impressed by just how well the Night Sight option performs. Read the Review.

7th June 2019 $999.00 There’s a huge amount of competition in the smartphone market right now, but the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is one of the best options currently available for those who are primarily interested in the quality of the on-board camera. Read the Review.

1st November 2018 $899.00 It’ll be interesting to see what Huawei does next to follow on from the P20 Pro next year, but for now at least, the Mate 20 Pro is quite probably the smartphone we’d most highly recommend for photographers. Read the Review.

26th October 2018 $899.00 The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has some very appealing camera features, and while it’s not a huge leap forward from the S9+, the extra functionality found in the S Pen make it appealing for existing Note users. The new software functionality in the native camera app is also interesting and seems to work well. Read the Review.

22nd October 2018 $999.00 If you like iPhones for iOS you’ll be extremely pleased with what the camera can produce – as it’s still very, very good... Read the Review.

25th June 2018 $500.00 These days, there’s a good smartphone available for the majority of people, no matter what their budget. The Honor 10, with it’s £399 price tag falls squarely into the “mid-range” segment of the market, but gives you a lot of value considering it’s relatively cheap. Read the Review.

21st June 2018 $529.00 At under £470, the OnePlus 6 is without doubt one of the best value phones currently available on the market. It is not the cheapest, but what you get for your money makes it a great investment. Read the Review.

21st May 2018 $999.00 The Samsung S9 Plus is one of the best smartphones currently on the market for those whose primary concern is the quality of the camera. Read the Review.

23rd April 2018 $599.00 Overall, the standard P20 is a very impressive device, and definitely worth considering if your primary concern is the quality of your phone’s onboard camera. Read the Review.

10th April 2018 $799.00 Overall, the Huawei P20 Pro is without doubt the best smartphone you can buy at the moment if your primary concern is photographic capability. It’s also just as good, if not better, than most “standard” compact cameras too - adding another nail in the coffin of the point-and-shoot market. Read the Review.

8th March 2018 $599.00 Bottom line, there is little else out there for less than £500 that betters the Honor View 10. The ‘affordable’ phone market has well and truly been shaken up. Read the Review.