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April 18, 2011 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Accessories | Comment |

Stagsden, Bedfordshire based 3 Legged Thing has unveiled the X1 Brian carbon fibre tripod. Part of the manufacturer’s ‘Rock Legend Range’, the X1 Brian tripod is named after Brian May, and features a detachable and removable triple section central column. With a folded height of 40 cm, ‘Brian’ is the smallest of the range, and yet extends to over 1.9m. Other tripods in the line-up include the 1.3kg X2 Eddie (van Halen), and the 1.6kg X3 Jimmy (Page) featuring a maximum load capacity of 15kg. 3 Legged Thing’s magnesium alloy tripod range comprises the X1a Adrian (Smith) and the X3a Kirk (Hammett), the latter of which will hold 12kg of photographic equipment (with a suitable head attached, of course). A carbon-fibre monopod called Bob (named after Bob Dylan) completes the product range. The monopod and all the tripods are available to purchase online at the website below, priced from £109.

Website: 3 Legged Thing

Picstop are also stocking 3 Legged Thing products from May.

Press Release

They Came From Stagsden…

Like creatures of the night the 3 Legged Thing’s descended upon Earth on 1.1.11. Not to be feared, however, they have come in peace bringing a fresh approach, innovative technology and products that are built to last.

3 Legged Thing have developed a stunning new ‘Rock Legend Range’, inspired by the music of guitar legends from England and the United States. With a selection of lightweight Carbon Fiber and Magnesium Alloy tripod systems and monopods, there are also ballheads and accessories available, all engineered to the highest standards.

Introducing the first in the Carbon Fiber tripod range, X1 Brian (as in Brian May - from Queen). This Multipod incorporates the concept of a triple section central column, the part that could make this the most significant advancement in tripod technology in recent history. It’s also detachable and removable. As with all the Carbon Fiber and Alloy Multipods X2 Eddie (as in Eddie Van Halen);  X1a Adrian (Adrian Smith of Iron Maiden) and X2a Kirk (Kirk Hammett of Metallica), are all complete with a built in easily detachable monopod or if it’s a monopod alone that you’re after, the 1 Legged Thing Bob (Dylan) will be happy to assist. For top-flight professional tripods, look no further than X3 Jimmy (as in Jimmy Page – Led Zeppelin) – a Diamond Weave Carbon Fiber tripod built for the most rigorous conditions.

With a folded height of 40 cm, Brian is the smallest of the range, and yet extends to over 1.9m! Eddie is the great all round tripod, light enough to carry around at just 1.3 kg and the sturdiest has to be Jimmy with a weight capacity of 15kg for heavier equipment, yet still lightweight at 1.6 kg. Adrian is the smallest of the Alloy tripod systems and Kirk is the sturdiest with a weight capacity of 12kg. Bob, the carbon fiber monopod will hold a whopping 14kg.

All the tripods are available to purchase online at www.3leggedthing.com from £109 or as kits with a ballhead of choice. The ballheads are available in two sizes and five exciting metallic colours, so whether it’s Stagsden Blue or Cosmic Rain, there’s a colour to suit all. Individually they are priced from £59.99. All tripod systems come with a carry case and carry strap for portability.

Every product in our catalogue comes with a 5 year warranty, and free servicing and repair out of warranty, for life. (replacement parts are available at cost to original owners who register their products on the website. Labour charges for servicing and repair are free also to those customers.)

For further information and to keep up with the latest on 3 Legged Thing visit www.3leggedthing.com or call 0844 272 7777. You can even join our facebook group www.facebook.com/my3leggedthing or follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/3leggedthing. Check out the selection of video’s on You Tube www.youtube.com/user/3leggedthing

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