4V Premium Italian Leather Camera Straps

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4V Design has introduced a range of hand-crafted Italian leather camera straps. The range includes six collections to fit most cameras from compacts to high end DSLRs. The ALA & ALA TOP neck straps have a unique pre-curved shape, which looks similar to a paraglider’s wing. LUSSO neck straps – suitable for medium-sized SLR cameras and CSCs – come in slim, medium and large versions. The CLASSIC collection combines the very best Tuscan ‘Cuoio’ leather with sleek Italian design providing a beautiful and elegant camera strap. The padding features a thick comfortable rounded shape, combined with a soft suede and non-slip ultra-grip. Finally, the Ergo and Watch collections include wrist straps for CSCs, compact cameras and smartphones. 4V products are available at The Photography Show at the Speed Graphic stand (G82).

Press Release


Introducing 4V: Premium Italian Leather Camera Straps

Take style to another level when out with your camera – with hand crafted Italian leather camera straps from 4V Design! With a combination of contemporary Italian design, using the best Italian ‘cuoio’ leather raised on Tuscan hillsides. Cuoio leather is a much heavier weight and more durable than the world renowned Italian leather used in fine clothing, and is perfect for making premium quality camera straps.

Traditional craftsmen in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility carefully and lovingly follow tried and tested methods, handed down from generation to generation, to construct the range of twenty-nine carefully selected products. The range includes straps to fit most cameras from compact cameras, to high end DSLRs.

The six collections of 4V comprise twenty-nine selected lines:

‘ALA Top’ Camera straps (leather)

‘ALA’ Camera straps (leather / canvas)

‘Lusso’ Camera straps (in slim, medium & large)

‘Classic’ Neck Straps (medium & large)

‘Ergo’ Wrist straps – for mirrorless or compact cameras

‘Watch’ Wrist straps – for smaller compacts and some mobile phones!

4V stands for victory, passion and above all quality and comfort.

ALA & ALA TOP Camera Straps

The ALA & ALA TOP neck straps have a unique pre-curved shape, which looks similar to a paraglider’s wing - this is where ALA range gets its name from - the Italian word for wing.

Feature rich in detail, including a unique carbon fibre style finish (ALA Top) to the leather for those wanting something out of the ordinary, or a traditional brown polished leather finish.

Available in universal or metal ring fittings allowing the heaviest of cameras to be supported.

ALA Canvas Straps - £89.00

ALA Canvas Black/Black Metal Ring

ALA Canvas Black/Brown Metal Ring

ALA Canvas Brown/Brown Metal Ring

ALA Canvas Green/Brown Metal Ring

ALA Canvas Black/Black Uni Fit

ALA Canvas Black/Brown Uni Fit

ALA Canvas Brown/Brown Uni Fit

ALA Canvas Green/Brown Uni Fit


The ALA TOP straps feature handcrafted Tuscan leather. The pad is made of top quality cotton canvas beautifully contoured with tanned leather, with non-slip Ultra-Grip lining. ALA TOP is the ideal strap to complement any classic styled photographic equipment via the universal or metal ring fittings for ultimate strength.

ALA Top Leather straps - £109.00

ALA TOP Carbon Leather/Black Metal Ring

ALA TOP Tuscany Leather Brown/Brown Metal Ring

ALA TOP Carbon Leather/Black Uni Fit

ALA TOP Tuscany Leather Brown/Brown Uni Fit

LUSSO Neck Straps – available in Slim, Medium & Large

Take advantage of the LUSSO neck straps – suitable for medium DSLR cameras and perfect for the latest mirrorless cameras too. Beautifully styled, the Lusso also provides a range of benefits including unrivalled comfort and fully adjustable strap length from 105cm to 134cm – ensuring every photographer can adjust to the perfect length for them.

The non-slip Ultra-Grip safety technology applied to the pad comes from motorsport race suits, designed to stop cuffs riding up. In addition, the pad is fully moveable to suit your needs providing the style, quality and beauty that you and your camera deserve.

LUSSO LARGE - £79 (with canvas straps)

Lusso Large Black/Black Uni Fit

Lusso Large Brown/Brown Uni Fit

Lusso Large Green/Cyan Uni Fit

LUSSO Neck straps – Slim & Medium (with leather straps)

These straps offer the same signature 4V crafting and double ‘Cuoio’ layer construction, plus three layers of leather are hand painted along the edges for a unique finish, with beautiful stitching. The Tuscan Cuoio leather will soften up the more it is used, becoming more beautiful with age. The Ultra-Grip Slow-Memory adjustable pad makes the LUSSO neck straps exceptionally comfortable.

LUSSO Medium Neck Straps - £92.25

Lusso Medium Black/Black Uni Fit

Lusso Medium Brown/Brown Uni Fit

Lusso Medium Green/Cyan Uni Fit

LUSSO Slim Neck Straps - £88.50

Lusso Slim Black/Black Uni Fit

Lusso Slim Brown/Brown Uni Fit

Lusso Slim Green/Cyan Uni Fit

CLASSIC Neck Straps - £72.50

The CLASSIC collection combines the very best Tuscan ‘Cuoio’ leather with sleek Italian design providing a beautiful and elegant camera strap. Crafted by skilled workers with years of experience, all stitching and details are beautifully finished for an unmistakable superior quality feel. The padding features a thick comfortable rounded shape, combined with a soft suede and non-slip ultra-grip for unsurpassed comfort.

Classic Camera Straps - £72.50

Classic Large Natural/Cyan Uni Fit

Classic Medium Natural/Cyan Uni Fit

Ergo Wrist Straps

The pre-curved design, Ultra-Grip surface and the inner padding, guarantees to evenly distribute the weight of the camera around the wrist for perfect balance and comfort.

The special shape and cut prevents the strap from sliding off the wrist. Supplied with various fittings to allow the wrist strap to carry cameras and some other devices such as mobile phones and binoculars.

Ergo Wrist Straps - £42.50

Ergo Wrist Strap Brown/Brown Uni Fit

Ergo Wrist Strap Black/Black Uni Fit

Ergo Wrist Strap Green/Cyan Uni Fit

Watch Straps

WATCH straps are designed for small and medium compact cameras.

Like the cameras it is designed to carry, the WATCH strap is a quality product designed to enhance the beauty and features you deserve. The soft suede lining and rounded padding makes it incredibly comfortable to wear, and beautifully designed like all the other products in the 4V range.

Watch Wrist straps - £38.50

Watch Wrist Strap Brown/Brown

Watch Wrist Strap Black/Black

Watch Wrist Strap Green/Cyan

Key Features of the 4V Design products:

Range covers all types of cameras from compact / mirrorless to High end DSLRs,

phones and other hand-held devices

Ideal for pairing with premium cameras such as Leica M series, Fuji X-Pro2

4V Design products never look out of place no matter what the occasion

Looks and becomes more comfortable with use

Production follows ancient handcrafted processes passed down by generation to generation.

4V uses the very best Tuscan Cuoio leather, certified by the Tuscany Association

Hand crafted and beautifully finished in the Tuscan hillside

Pre-Curved Cut for a perfect fit and comfort

Military grade buckles and polyamide herringbone webbing for strength and durability

Anti-scratch leather pads prevent wear and tear around the connection to the camera.

Ultra-Grip Surface is water-proof and washable, and gives ultimate grip

**Pre-Selected Twenty-Nine lines in Six Collections, from the full 4V range**

4V - the finest quality camera straps available

4V will be launched at The Photography Show at the NEC in Birmingham - you can meet the creator of this beautiful product on Stand E121. 4V products will be exclusively available at The Photography Show at Speed Graphic stand G82.

Following the show, 4V Camera Straps will be available via selected photographic retailers.

All prices quote are SRP & inclusive of VAT.

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