A Digital Eye Posts Sigma SD10 Sample Images

December 1, 2003 | Mark Goldstein | Digital SLR Cameras | Comment |

Sigma SD10 Digital SLRA Digital Eye are currently testing a production version of the recently announced Sigma SD10 digital SLR. They have published quite a lot of sample images prior to their full review:

“Perhaps some of the most Colorful shots, showing off the great capabilities of the Sigma SD10 are posted here, including several very nice shots from Disneyland taken Sunday November 30, 2003 using the 28 - 70 mm Sigma Zoom lens, and powered by 4 AA 15 minute chargeable batteries from Rayovac, which yielded over 200 pictures, nearly 1.5 GB of X3 RAW files in 3 hours!!!”

Website: A Digital Eye - Sigma SD10 Sample Images