Adobe DNG Submitted as ISO Standard

May 7, 2008 | Mark Goldstein | Software | Comment |

AdobeAdobe have submitted the DNG RAW file format to the ISO as a proposed new standard, according to Adobe’s John Nack. Adobe DNG was first released a couple of years ago, but has struggled to gain real traction with most camera manufacturers, who continue to use their own proprietary formats.

“When we came out with the first camera RAW plug-in, we were supporting around 25 cameras. We’re now supporting more than 175 cameras—in other words, more than 175 different file formats. And when you’re talking about images, people don’t want to keep those images for just five or 10 years. Professional photographers want to know those images will be fine for 50 years—100 years—from now. If you think about the rate of new-camera introductions, how many new file formats will there be?”

Nack also revealed that a DNG-viewing codec for Windows Vista will be released very soon, allowing DNG files to be viewed within the operating system.

Website: John Nack on Adobe - DNG submitted to the ISO

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