Adobe Sneaks at MAX 2018

October 22, 2018 | Mark Goldstein | Events | Comment |

At this year’s Adobe MAX event, some incredible Sneaks were showcased by Adobe engineers, alongside comedian, actress and writer Tiffany Haddish and Paul Trani, Adobe’s Senior Creative Cloud Evangelist.

The latest innovations that were showcased include:

#MovingStills: Have you ever had a photo that you wished was a video instead? Moving Stills enables any photograph to be turned into a live photo; animating the image in 3D and simulating the realistic effect of flying through the photo. Moving Stills uses deep learning powered by Adobe Sensei to generate videos from a single still image, something that would otherwise take an experienced artist hours to finish.

#ProjectFastMask: Project Fast Mask uses Adobe Sensei to quickly select an object in a video and accurately apply the mask across multiple frames of the video, making a laborious manual process nearly automatic.

#ProjectSmoothOperator: For all you video content creators out there, we’re all too familiar with the painstaking process of re-cropping video in varying aspect ratios and trying to keep the most important pieces of the video intact. Enter: Project Smooth Operator. Smooth Operator uses Adobe Sensei to automatically re-crop a video to multiple new aspect ratios, all while keeping what is interesting or important inside the frame.

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