BabelPix Translates Your Photography Keywords

August 17, 2006 | Mark Goldstein | Software | Comment |

BabelPixTranslate your stock library keywords into different languages with BabelPix, available now for $39.95.

Bedouin Ventures Press Release

(Seattle, WA)  - Bedouin Ventures, LLC, ( today released BabelPix™, a cross-platform software application that will enable photographers and stock photography agencies to sell to non-English speaking international audiences by translating photo keywords to foreign languages.  The application will also allow foreign photographers and image buyers access to photographs and markets previously only available to English speakers by translating foreign language keywords to English. BabelPix™ ( accepts .jpg or .tif image files with embedded keywords and translates those files to foreign languages with a simple, easy-to-use interface.  Bedouin Ventures, LLC, officially released the English-Spanish/Spanish-English version today, but reported that more versions are in the works.  The company plans to offer additional modules in coming months, including Chinese, German, and other languages.

Bedouin Ventures, LLC, was founded in early 2006 to provide a versatile software application which would allow both English and non-English speakers to translate keywords to or from their respective languages.  BabelPix™ will provide photo buyers and sellers with access to markets beyond their own shores by breaking down the language barrier.

Photo buyers locate images that interest them by keyword.  Photo sellers keyword digital photographs to describe the contents so that buyers can quickly find useful images by searching relevant terms.

BabelPix™, a Java-based application, operates on Windows, Mac OS X (PowerPC and Universal Binary) and Linux platforms.  The application is capable of batch-translating the large numbers of keyworded files found in many stock photography libraries.  The application extracts keywords in one language from embedded IPTC data and translates those keywords, creating a new file with foreign language keywords.  Since only the metadata is changed, the actual pixels of the image remain untouched, eliminating photographers’ concerns about degradation of image quality.  BabelPix also allows users to customize dictionaries and correct translations for context.

Bedouin Ventures also offers consulting services to stock photography sellers, using BabelPix to create bi-lingual or multi-lingual photography sales platforms to increase sales abroad.

Conceived and designed by Bedouin Ventures, LLC, BabelPix™ was programmed by Giorgio Maone, founder of the Italian software company InformAction and developer of the critically acclaimed FlashGot and NoScript open source Firefox addons.  FlashGot is one of the most downloaded Firefox extensions worldwide, and NoScript was named one of’s “100 Best Products of the Year” in July 2006.

BabelPix™ costs $39.95 and is available at the company’s website,