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Billingham PhotoVestThe Billingham PhotoVest is designed to securely carry a serious amount of equipment. An updated version of the 10 year old original PhotoVest, the new Billingham Photo Vest is comfortable, lightweight, fully lined, using advances in materials technology and feedback from photographers. Available in 5 different sizes, the Billingham PhotoVest retails at £185.

JP Distribution Press Release

JP Distribution are pleased to announce the availability of the Billingham PhotoVest.

Designed to carry a serious amount of equipment securely with the style, craftsmanship and durability you’d expect from Billingham, it can be used either by itself or in conjunction with one of their bags.

In fact, the reason Billingham began making the original PhotoVest ten years ago was in response to bag owners who wanted the increased flexibility of carrying their key equipment in a way that gave them fast access and maximum freedom of movement.

During those ten years, photography has undergone some radical changes, so Billingham decided to reflect that fact by updating the original design using advances in materials technology and feedback from photographers. The result is a comfortable, lightweight, fully lined PhotoVest that’s worthy of the Billingham name…..

Available in 5 different sizes and it retails at £185 Inc VAT

For further information on the PhotoVest and the range of Billingham products, please visit

To find out where to buy please call the UK distributor JP Distribution on 01782 753304

Billingham PhotoVest

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