CanoScan 8600F Review at PCMag

June 2, 2007 | Mark Goldstein | Scanners | Comment |

CanoScan 8600FPCMag have reviewed the CanoScan 8600F, a 4800 dpi scanner which replaces the CanoScan 8400F.

“The Canon CanoScan 8600F ($180 street) has a lot to live up to. The model it replaces, the CanoScan 8400F, was one of the first inexpensive flatbed scanners to scan film—both slides and strips of film—reasonably well. That was enough to make it an Editors’ Choice. Today, however, plenty of inexpensive scanners can handle film well. Quality that blew away the competition in the 8400F’s day is no longer as impressive. On top of that, the 8600F costs 20 percent more than the 8400F, which means it has to do better to match it on bang for the buck. The good news is that the 8600F does do better.”

Website: PCMag - CanoScan 8600F Review

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