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The SNIPER-STRAP is a new secure camera strap that means your camera is always ready to shoot. Available in two versiosn, the ONE and more secure STEEL, both incorporate a shock absorber which compensates for the growing weight of modern SLR cameras, while the camera and the strap are worn diagonally and therefore never get in your way. The camera is protected by a steel wire insert and the carabiner slides freely along the strap. If a thief should manage to cut your SNIPER-STRAP “STEEL“ with a knife and steal your camera, you are insured for up to $500.00 / 400.00 EUR. The SNIPER-STRAP ONE”costs 49,00 EUR and the SNIPER-STRAP STEEL costs 59,00.

SUN-SNIPER GmbH Press Release


Garlstorf near Hamburg, Germany, October, 22nd 2009——The photographer-designed SNIPER-STRAP™ system represents a major innovation in safety and comfort by allowing you to shoot faster and free of pain in the most demanding situations. Photographers don’t like keeping their camera in a bag or case during shooting sessions. Standard camera straps, however, always dangle and bump into things. They are easy cut by a knife and hard to handle in spontaneous shooting situations. With the SNIPER-STRAP™ system the camera is always ready to shoot. A SHOCK ABSORBER™* compensates the growing weight of modern SLR cameras. It effectively relieves strain to your back. The camera and the strap, worn diagonally, are never in your way. With the SNIPER-STRAP™ „Steel“ comes now a new generation of safe, fast, smooth and ultra comfortable camera supports for professional photographers. SNIPER-STRAP™ “STEEL” is a new option of the SNIPER-STRAP™ “ONE”.

This brilliant idea is a MUST HAVE for all SLR photographers. It is as ingenious as it is simple. The camera hangs over your butt and is protected by a steel wire insert. The carabiner slides freely along the strap. If a thief should manage to cut your SNIPER-STRAP™ “STEEL“ with a knife and steal your camera, you are even insured by the SUN-SNIPER GmbH for up to 500.00 US$/ 400,00 EUR.

The insurance** covers the loss of the camera when destruction of the SNIPER-STRAP™ “STEEL“ camera strap by a knife can be proven. Loss must have occurred when a person was wearing the SNIPER-STRAP™ „STEEL“ properly, in compliance with the manufacturer‘s instructions. The insurance coverage applies only in the USA and Europe, from October 20th, 2009 to October 19th, 2010. The insurance is not a component of the purchase price. To qualify for the insurance, online registration is required and the conditions of the policy must be accepted within 14 days of purchase. Please go and check prior to purchase.

High quality materials, product features with detailed designs and even more safety are trademarks of SUN-SNIPER GmbH’s newest development. The SNIPER-STRAP™ fits ergonomically to the body. The diagonal path of the strap enables the camera to be carried on the photographers side, unlike other straps, where the camera dangles in front of the photographer’s chest or belly. The SNIPER-STRAP™ system is much better for the back, because strain to the kyphosis is eliminated. The elastic SHOCK ABSORBER™* buffers the camera perfectly. The SNIPER-STRAP is highly recommended by orthopedic and sports medicine specialists such as the German Dr. Stephen Redeker, Hamburg. The SNIPER-STRAP™ is fastened to the camera’s tripod socket or directly to the lens tripod adapter with a carabiner. The camera fits snugly to the back over the butt, so the lens is up against the back and safe. No more bumping into objects or other people. The camera hangs upside down, in the perfect position. The connecting swivel carabine is absolutely safe. Reaching back, hand and shutter finger are right where they are needed, without any maneuvering. The camera glides all the way to the eye along the carabiner as if it were on tracks – with virtually no frictional resistance – on the specially woven SUN-SNIPER™ RAIL-WAY-strap.

* SHOCK ABSORBER - Protection of utility patent and trademark pending
** please check for detailed information

The SNIPER-STRAP™ “ONE” costs 49,00 EUR incl. 19 % VAT. The SNIPER-STRAP™ “STEEL” costs 59,00 incl. 19 % VAT. For more information, including where to buy it, go to Inquiries from retailers are welcome.

SUN-SNIPER GmbH, headquartered in Garlstorf near Hamburg, Germany, develops and manufactures camera accessories. The company was founded in 2009 by Wolfgang-Peter Geller, professional photographer and owner of SUNBOUNCE GmbH. SUN-SNIPER™ products are distributed worldwide by SUN-SNIPER GmbH and certified partners. Additional information, pictures and video of the SUN-SNIPER-STRAP™ system can be found at SUN-SNIPER GmbH and SUNBOUNCE GmbH are sunny sister companies.

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