CBL White Balance Lenses

October 4, 2006 | Mark Goldstein | Accessories | Comment |

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CBL Professional White Balance Lenses are a new concept for professional accurate colour control. CBL White Balance Lenses are a new range of 3 double sided hand held discs which facilitate the accurate measurement of neutral colour balance by reflecting the light falling onto your subject into your lens in order to take a white balance reading. This system differs from many available products in that it is allowing you to take an “Incident” reading from the light source itself to calculate colour balance, giving highly accurate results in all situations, even where the subject has a particular dominant colour. The product materials are also waterproof and the colour characteristics will not change over time giving consistent and accurate results. Suggested retail prices are £119, £159 and £199 respectively.

The CBL White Balance System is extremely easy to use and has 2 sides to the disc for a variety of situations. 

The White side is designed using a specially formulated grooved board over a reflector lens, covered with a condenser, to give accurate colour balance in mixed lighting situations, low light or on cloudy & overcast days.

The Grey reverse side is formulated from a secret combination of 13 different materials which have been tested to produce the most consistent colour balance and is best suited to Studio Flash Photography and direct sunlight.

Operation is simple with both measuring sides of the CBL lens.  Simply hold the unit in front of your lens, focus on the disc and take a White Balance reading with your camera.  The system is not only effective but is also extremely simple with you being able to set the white balance whilst leaving the camera in Auto Focus Mode and without having to remove the lens hood. 

There are 3 sizes of CBL White Balance lenses available.  Small for compact cameras & Video,  Medium for bridge cameras and DSLR users and Large for Professional DSLR and Studio Photography. 

The CBL white Balance Lens will be available from all good professional retailers from November 2006.

CBL White Balance Lenses

CBL White Balance Lenses