Charles Green Creates a Goldmine for Photographers

July 7, 2004 | Mark Goldstein | Books | Comment |

FujiFilm Press Release 06/07/04

Acclaimed professional photographer Charles Green has chosen to share his wisdom with the release of his second book, ‘Create the Image’.

After the launch of his first book, ‘Shooting For Gold’ in 1987, which quickly became known as ‘the photographer’s bible’, Charles decided that the photography business had moved on and in order to succeed in such a fast paced environment, he needed to adapt.

Now, aiming to inspire personal and creative success, Charles has motivated people all over the world to become better photographers with his new book which incorporates all the advances that digital photography has to offer.

However, Charles believes the talent of a photographer goes much deeper than just being able to take a good photograph, he explains, “The book is not just about creating a photographic image, but improving our own image. People come to us for who we are. They are buying us first. We are the number one product, our photography has to be excellent but it is only the by-product.

?Improving our photographs and our own image is a reflection of the same. We start out with nothing and create an image that we, and hopefully others, will like. We create what we are, we become what we imagine and, as a result, we receive the clients we deserve. Improving our photography alone will not necessarily make us more successful, improving ourselves first, definitely will. Only after that can we concentrate on our photographic and technical skills.

?It is for these reasons that I have taken time out to write my second book as with the coming of the digital age, we have a new breed of photographers and greater potential to manipulate images, changing the role of the photographer.

?For traditional photographers, the book highlights the benefits of moving to digital and my experiences of making the change. So whether a traditional or a digital photographer, it is well worth investing in a copy of ?Create The Image? or ?Shooting For Gold?.

Charles started his wedding and portrait business from home in 1972, just over ten years later, in 1985, the well established business had moved itself to the main shopping area of Edgware where Charles installed a full colour laboratory with a full time lab manager.

Now, described as ?a goldmine of information? Charles hopes his book will bring pleasure and success straight from the hands of one of the worlds leading portrait photographers.

?Create the Image? is available from selected stockists priced at ?29.00