Chroma Chrono Programmable Multi Colour Camera Flash

August 16, 2018 | Mark Goldstein | Accessories | Comment |

Chroma Chrono is the world's first programmable multi colour camera flash, allowing you to flash multiple colours for set amounts of time over a long exposure. Chroma Chrono is now on Kickstarter priced at £140, with an estimated shipping date of February.

Pecelec Studio Ltd Press Release

Chroma Chrono is the world's first programmable multi colour camera flash. Use your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC to program the colour and duration of up to 10 different flashes for endless creativity with long exposure photography. 

Switch off the lights, open the shutter and fire away, moving the camera, the subject or the Chroma Chrono itself for lots of interesting and weird effects. Try mixing different colours, light and dark subjects, why not add in extra lights for some light painting, the possibilities are endless, all you need is a camera that allows long exposure shots.

The Chroma Chrono comes in a lovely die cast aluminium case with a metal hot foot so its rugged enough for the demands of life on set or out and about on location. It comes with a high class rough painted finish and a laser engraved logo on the front, and feels like an expensive bit of kit.

Powered by 3 AA batteries so they can be replaced on the go, and with enough capacity for thousands of shots, you can keep shooting and experimenting all night long! The Chroma Chrono uses a high intensity RGB LED bulb. The innovative electronics get the maximum power available out of the bulb whilst ensuring not to over power it, but the bulb is easily user replaceable if you get a bit too carried away!

The Chroma Chrono has been created by Pecelec Studio Ltd, an electronics company based in London, UK. The kickstarter is live now, all the early bird units have gone but you can pick one up for £140 with an estimated shipping date of February.

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