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August 17, 2006 | Mark Goldstein | Photographers | Comment |

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Brazilian Photographer Claudio Edinger Reveals Art of the Picture Essay at - ‘Master of the Photo Essay’ Emphasizes Research of Subjects and Reviewing Works of Accomplished Photographers as Keys to Success

Fountain Valley, CA – August 17, 2006 – Kingston Technology Company, Inc., the independent world leader in memory products, will feature renowned Brazilian photographer Claudio Edinger on its Icons of Photography Web site beginning today.  Frequently referred to as the “Master of the Essays” for his natural ability to tell a complete and detailed story through photographs, Edinger will share some of the techniques he feels have made him successful and believes can be applied to anyone.  Edinger will also share his thoughts on digital imaging and how it has changed his professional career—becoming an essential and exclusive part of his equipment lineup.

This month, Edinger shares some of his thoughts, philosophies and shooting styles which allow him to separate his commercial photography from the journalism he finds himself doing for TIME Magazine and other news publications. 

“For my personal work,” said Edinger, “I like to photograph small universes, where the human element is special, even exceptional and I can stop and talk to the people. With my work, I try to understand what the human being is, why we are here, and mainly, who I am.  The journalistic pictures, on the other hand, require agility and quickness, especially with specific assignments.”

“Digital imaging has changed the way I shoot and the way I see,” Edinger continued. “I rely on different things today, including my Kingston media cards. When I was shooting film, I had a favorite type like many photographers. Media cards today are no different. It really comes down to who you trust so you can concentrate on the art.”

“When it comes to equipment, the real key is what you feel comfortable using and trust to help you get the job done,” said Jaja Lin, Flash memory marketing manager, Kingston. “Kingston’s reputation and longstanding heritage as a worldwide leader and provider of ‘everything memory’ has become the basis for the relationship with world class photographers we enjoy today.  It is a great honor to be associated with these photographers—and a great responsibility.  And certainly one we don’t take lightly,” added Lin. 

Born in Rio de Janeiro and raised in Sao Paulo, Edinger moved to New York when he was 24 years old. After 30 years of admiring Rio, Edinger released the book “Rio,” nominated as one of the best of the year by Photo District News in 2001 and American Photo magazine in 2003.  At that time, Edinger defined the photo essay as, “An attempt of picking up the dream, the utopia, that place where, as the chamber of secret of each one of us, where we go to reload ourselves to continue. The place where we get undressed and find ideally the fraternity and the sameness: the beach.”

Every month Kingston® spotlights a world-class photographer who provides helpful tips and interesting anecdotes for taking better pictures. Photographers previously featured at include Colin Finlay, Douglas Kirkland, Barbara Bordnick, Chris Rainier, Peter Read Miller, Gerd Ludwig and Harry Benson. These accomplished Icons of Photography deliver useful suggestions that photo enthusiasts at all levels can apply to their own photography as they learn to make digital imaging a natural part of their workflow, or learn a unique process or trick the Icon has provided to give them a competitive edge.

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