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Cubelite Light TableThe Cubelite Light Table from Lastolite makes product photography even more versatile for Cubelite users. The Cubelite Light Table is the perfect solution for creating shadowless and instant ‘cut out’ images and is available in two sizes - 70cm x 70cm x 90cm for £159.99 and 100cm x 100cm x 90cm for £229.99.

JP Distribution Press Release

JP Distribution is pleased to announce the new Cubelite Light Table from award winning manufacturer Lastolite.

For Cubelite users everywhere, the Cubelite Light Table will make product photography even more versatile. The Cubelite is placed on top of the Light Table and an additional light source is placed underneath to create an illuminated base for your product. The Light Table will eliminate any potential shadows that may appear underneath the product being photographed making it the perfect solution for creating shadow less and instant ‘cut out’ images. You can point the light underneath the table downwards for a diffused even effect or upwards to create graduated backgrounds and other effects.

The Cubelite Light Table comes complete with a translucent background Film to create an infinity curve, central support rods and an acrylic surface for heavier items up to 8kg. It folds flat and packs into a handy carry case.

Available in two sizes:
70cm x 70cm x 90cm (28” x 28” x 35”)
Las Code: 8826 SRP £159.99 Inc Vat

100cm x 100cm x 90cm (39” x 39” x 35”)
Las Code: 8838 SRP £229.99 Inc Vat

Also available will be the Cubelite Light Table Kit.

Cubelite Light Table Kit Light Table Tungsten Light 500w Bulb Reflector For Light Backlight Light Stand Code
Cubelite Light Table Kit 70cm (27”) 1 1 1 1 1 8827
Cubelite Light Table Kit 100cm (39”) 1 1 1 1 1 8839

For more information on Lastolite products please visit:
Tel: 01782 753304
Email: [email protected]

Cubelite Light Table

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