Current Canon Controversies

June 4, 2003 | Mark Goldstein | Canon EOS 10D | Comment |

Canon EOS 10DFind out exactly what Michael Reichmann thinks of all the “does your camera focus properly?” questions that have plagued the Canon 10D web forums for the last few weeks. Thankfully my camera seems to focus where it should…

“There are currently two controversies ongoing within the Canon community ? one quite public, about the 10D camera, and the other more contained, concerning something that I wrote a while ago about the Canon 100-400mm zoom lens.

The larger issue concerns the fact that some purchasers of the new Canon 10D digital SLR are complaining that the autofocus doesn’t work properly; that the camera focuses slightly ahead of or behind the intended spot. These complaints have mainly been voiced on Net discussions boards…”

Website: Luminous Landscape - Current Canon Controversies