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Datacatch Press Release

Extending Search beyond the Desktop and Internet - Datacatch Librarian, Seamlessly Integrated with Microsoft Windows Explorer, Makes Searching Removable Media as Easy as Searching Your Hard Drive or the Internet

PALO ALTO, California — August 2, 2006 — Datacatch Inc., an independent software company based in the U.S. and Australia, today formally launched Datacatch® Librarian®, a new application for managing and organizing information and data that is backed up, stored, or used through removable media.  With the increasing amount of data that is collected on a computer—including critical files, financial records, software programs, family photos, and music files— it is easy to get disorganized. Datacatch Librarian provides the tools necessary to search, retrieve, and manage a collection of removable media including removable hard drives, USB keys, photo memory cards, and optical discs such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray and HD-DVD. By effectively throwing a net over a computer, Datacatch Librarian recognizes whenever removable media is inserted or connected and in turn, catches and organizes details about the media and the files it contains, including file and folder details, as well as thumbnail images, so the data can be retrieved quickly.

“Datacatch Librarian introduces a new dimension to the search arena. It takes the task of searching to the next level.  It’s not just about backing up or archiving information; it is knowing where to find it when you need it,” said Lindsay Lyon, chief executive officer, Datacatch.  “Smaller companies and home users tend to keep critical items like financial accounts or a favorite photo archived on removable media.  Having Datacatch Librarian keep track of exactly where you put it is like having your own personal library assistant to keep you organized.  If you have it, the Datacatch Librarian will find it.”

Datacatch Librarian is integrated with the familiar Windows Explorer interface to provide a clear view of archives, backups, and other data stored on removable media.  To locate a particular document, file, or photo, a user simply browses the folders stored on the removable media in the same way as browsing the files and folders on the computer’s hard drive. Alternatively, a user can type in a title or file name into the Windows Explorer search engine to locate the removable media. In coming months, Datacatch will also release a free Microsoft Windows Desktop Search plug-in for Datacatch Librarian users. 

The Field Group, an accounting firm located in Melbourne, Australia, is in the process of archiving hard copy documents to optical media and is using Datacatch Librarian to manage their growing media library.  Describing the firms’ experience, Gavin Fraser, a senior partner with The Field Group, stated, “Datacatch Librarian was very easy and intuitive to use. Its close integration with Microsoft Windows Explorer meant that everyone in our firm could use this valuable tool without requiring special training to become productive.”

Protecting Intellectual Property
Tough new legal requirements, including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and NASD Conduct Rules, have changed the way organizations need to store and archive data.  The cost of tiered storage solutions is often prohibitive for small businesses. As a result, home offices and small to mid-size organizations are turning to low-cost removable media as their primary means of backing up, archiving and retaining critical company and client data. Browsing, searching and retrieving archived data through Datacatch Librarian will allow these businesses to maintain their productivity and avoid being drawn into a timely practice of physically searching for a customer file or other necessary archived data critical to their business.

Valuable client lists and company data frequently leave organizations without any method for recording the event.  Through Datacatch Librarian’s Loan Manager, organizations can track the movement of removable media and the data it contains in the same way books are tracked in a library. Companies can instantly know both where and with whom specific data is located.

Integrated Storage Solutions
Many popular optical disc storage units and towers are integrated with the Datacatch Librarian database. Users can record the location, in which each of their CDs and DVDs is stored including the storage unit and slot/position. Additionally, properties for each storage unit can be tracked to see how many discs are stored and how many empty slots are still available.  Currently, media storage solutions from many manufacturers are supported, including Belkin, Case Logic, Fellows, Discgear, Avec, and HIPCE.

About Datacatch Librarian
Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Datacatch Librarian Professional Edition is available at the suggested retail price of $59 as a direct download from Datacatch. More information is available on the Datacatch website at

About Datacatch
Datacatch Inc. is an international software company focused on the management and security of removable media. The company builds solutions that address the significant growing data archive, search, and retrieval management needs of small to medium business owners and home offices.  Removable media includes removable hard drives, optical media discs such as CDs, DVDs, HD-DVD, Blu-ray, and USB keys.

The Datacatch head office is located in Palo Alto, California, USA, with a second office based in Melbourne, Australia.