Digital Camera Customer Satisfaction Survey

March 25, 2009 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Digital | Comment |

J. D. Power have published the results of a customer satisfaction survey conducted among digital camera owners in Japan. The findings are based on data collected from nearly twelve thousand respondents. The survey covered five segments: Digital SLR, High-end compact, Superzoom, Stylish and Standard. In the DSLR segment, Nikon acquired the first place with a score of 711 (out of 1000), trailed by Pentax and Canon (both scoring 697 points), Panasonic (679), Olympus (665) and Sony (653). Among owners of high-end compacts, Ricoh came out on top, with a score of 713, followed by Canon (704) and Panasonic (660). Each of these brands had a strong point of its own, with Ricoh being the absolute knock-out in the design and handling departments, Canon rated highest for capabilities and Panasonic seen as delivering the best quality. Among superzooms - cameras sporting a fixed-mount zoom lens with at least a 10x zoom ratio - Canon (660) just trumped Sony (659) and Nikon (657). In the Stylish segment, Sony took the lead (657), with Canon a close second (656), and Nikon third again (654). Among standard compacts, Panasonic was the clear winner with 625 points, followed by Canon (619) and Nikon (611).

Website: J. D. Power Press Release (in Japanese)

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