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September 8, 2010 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | DIWA | Comment |

The Digital Imaging Websites Associtation (DIWA) has two new members. These include Norwegian website Akam.no and Portuguese portal Fotodigital-online.com, which is an online extension of an established printed magazine. Akam.no was formed through a merger between Digitalkamera.no and Videokamera.no, and is today the largest digital imaging website in Norway. Fotodigital started out as a monthly print magazine in 2008, and moved online in 2008.

DIWA Press Release

DIWA welcomes two new members

DIWA (Digital Imaging Websites Association), a world-wide organization of collaborating websites, welcomes two new members. Two more websites have joined the DIWA organisation, both leading digital imaging sites in their respective countries. Akam.no has been a major site in Norway for the past 10 years, while Fotodigital-online.com is an online extension of a famous Portuguese printed magazine.

Akam.no was formed through a merger between Digitalkamera.no and Videokamera.no, and is today the largest website in Norway about digital imaging. They offer in-depth product reviews, product- and price guides, as well as a very popular forum. The site is part of a huge network of various technology sites, called www.tek.no. Their partner sites cover a wide variety of gadgets, such as mobile phones, computers, audiovisual products, gaming etc.

The owner is Edda Media, a large media concern with 88 editorial publications (83 in Norway), including 35 local and national newspapers, 45 online publications and 3 radio stations, as well as several printing facilities.

Editor in chief, Erik Faarlund, and his staff have extensive journalistic and photographic backgrounds.

Reaching Portugal, Brazil and other Portuguese speaking countries, Fotodigital-online.com is a daily news website for photo enthusiasts covering the whole spectrum of photography. Amateurs and professionals alike will find targeted information from equipment and software to real-life photography and photojournalism.

Started as a monthly printed magazine in 2002, the first Portuguese photo magazine to cover the digital revolution regularly, Fotodigital moved online in 2008, reflecting changing habits of the audience.

The founder and editor is José Antunes, a journalist and photographer with a long time career writing about technology for some of the most important newspapers and magazines in Portugal. Fotodigital has a sister site, covering the videogames universe for parents and grown-ups, Videojogos (www.videojogos-online.com).

DIWA is pleased to welcome Akam.no and Fotodigital-online.com to our group, and we are confident that their high quality reviews will strengthen DIWA’s good reputation and trust.

About DIWA
The Digital Imaging Websites Association (DIWA) is a fast growing group of independent Web-based specialist publications dedicated to digital imaging. DIWA harnesses the collective talent and expertise of its members, resulting in industry awards that command unparalleled confidence and value, both for consumers and the industry alike. DIWA awards come in the form of a gold medal for various product categories.

DIWA Test scoring procedure
DIWA product test awards are exclusively decided through the analysis of multiple test scores from different DIWA testers, testing different samples of the same product. A very detailed and comprehensive standardized scoring procedure is employed, tailored carefully for each category of product. Multiple testing eliminates the chance of an isolated, unrepresentative product sample or test error or a hidden bias from affecting the trustworthiness of the overall result. DIWA is also unique in its policy in issuing awards for deserving products throughout the year, culminating in annual best of the year Platinum medal awards in all product categories.

DIWA Awards members
• Czech Republic: www.fotoaparat.cz
• Germany: www.digitalkamera.de
• Hungary: www.fotovilag.hu
• Netherlands:  www.letsgodigital.org
• Norway: www.akam.no
• Poland: www.fotopolis.pl
• Slovenia: www.e-fotografija.com
• Spain: www.nuevafotografia.com
• United Kingdom: www.photographyblog.com
• Portugal: www.fotodigital-online.com

DIWA multi-lingual Web site
At the heart of the DIWA organization is its multi-lingual Web site, www.diwa-awards.net, with links to the latest reviews published by DIWA member publications. The site also archives DIWA awards and is designed to aid consumers in their choice of imaging products. Unbiased test results by DxO Analyzer of the image quality are available at: www.diwa-labs.com.

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