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Kate Moss7 in 10 women have stopped their photo being taken because they didn’t have time to pose properly - with three in ten men doing likewise. The survey of UK adults by Samsung also revealed that Kylie Minogue was thought to look consistently good in photos even when caught off-guard, whilst Londoners are the most image-conscious, with 42% striking a pose for the camera.

Samsung UK Press Release

Two Thirds Of Brits Have A ‘Camera Face’

1 in 10 men turn to their ‘best side’ when being photographed

16 June 2008 – Two thirds of Brits (72% of women and 62% of men) have a “photo face” like Ben Stiller’s ‘Blue Steel’ from the film ‘Zoolander’ according to research released today by Samsung Cameras1.

The research reveals 7 in 10 (69%) women have stopped their photo being taken because they didn’t have time to pose properly - with three in ten men (28%) doing likewise.  When they do let someone take a snap, 1 in 7 women and 1 in 10 men always turn their ‘best side’’ to the camera.

The research was commissioned to reveal the lengths to which some people go to look their best in photos but, with Samsung Cameras’ innovative inbuilt features, perfecting that stunning A-list look has never been easier.

When it comes to photogenic celebs, men and women agree who tops the list; with almost a third (27% of men and 30% of women) saying Kylie looks consistently good in photos, even when photographed on the hop. According to those questioned, the following stars also look in photos even when caught off-guard:

Photogenic rating according to women
Photogenic rating according to men

Kylie Minogue

George Clooney

Brad Pitt

Victoria Beckham

Liz Hurley

Kate Moss

No Lag In Tagging Fad
Four in ten of us (41%) wish unattractive photos on social networking sites such as Facebook would be taken down, rising to three quarters (73%) amongst 16-25 year olds. The study also shows more women than men are concerned about unflattering pictures. Twice as many women (21%) than men (11%) say unflattering photos of them are floating around cyber space.

“In the age of social networking, it’s not surprising we’re turning into mini-celebs and stopping people taking photos so unflattering shots don’t end up online. Samsung Cameras offers cutting-edge features such as Intelligent Face Recognition technology so you always look your best in photos” says Helen Bownass, Features Editor of More magazine and spokesperson for Samsung Cameras.

“Big Smoke” Is Big Pose Capital
Londoners are the most image-conscious - 42% strike a pose for photos compared to a less vain 14% of Scots. The research also reveals Londoners pout the most with one in ten (8.1%) puckering up, compared with a paltry 0.5% of those in the East. 

Meanwhile, almost a third of Londoners (29%) say they’ve had an unflattering photo of them posted on a social networking site compared with one in ten (10%) in Northern Ireland who’ve been happier with their photos.

How To Look Good Like The Stars
Follow these top tips from Samsung Cameras to make sure you always look your best in photos:
·      Don’t stand too close to your subject(s)
·      Turn on Samsung’s Intelligent Face Recognition technology function - it detects the subject’s face and automatically adjusts auto focus and auto exposure to ensure better composition and image quality
·      Avoid those devil eyes by utilizing Samsung’s Red-eye fix technology
·      Make the most of Samsung’s smart dual picture stabilization - it provides vastly improved image quality and outstanding exposure without the blur

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1. Samsung Cameras commissioned Matters to interview a random sample of 1589 UK adults aged 16+ and nationally representative between 19th-28th May 2008

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