Epson P5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer

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Epson P5000 Multimedia Storage ViewerEpson P-5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer - The complete digital solution for photographers

Transform the way you view, store and manage digital photos and movies. The Epson P5000 is ideal for photo enthusiasts and professionals looking for the ultimate in flexible photo support - on the move and in the studio. Take a brighter, clearer look at your digital images with the Epson P5000. This compact, portable device is built around the clear, bright, colourful 4” Photo Fine Ultra colour LCD, which features the world’s first 4-colour filter system. It’s perfect for viewing images during a shoot, even in RAW format, before arranging and storing them safely on the 80GB hard drive. Its portability allows you to store and share images, wherever you are.

Photokina Update: We now have some product photos live from Photokina 2006 - just click the link below to view them.

Key features
• The professional photo partner – the total digital photo and movie solution
• Superb quality viewing – amazing clarity and colour on the Photo Fine Ultra LCD with the world’s first 4-colour filter system
• Take control of your images - review, store, organize and rate images with 80GB hard drive and versatile media transfer and management software
• Handles a range of formats – built-in CF/SD memory card slots, and support for a wide range of video formats (including DivX)
• Hard working, hard wearing – sleek, compact and durable with high quality aluminium casing
• Performance and power – keep viewing on the move with long-lasting rechargeable Li-On battery with faster download and viewing speeds
• Full USB support – for USB host (USB-A) and USB mass storage driver
• Listen to music – built-in audio player with remote control and headphones

Full Specifications

Epson Press Release

Epson® launches the world’s first multimedia storage viewer with a four-colour filter system

The P-5000 features a 4.0” high-density LCD viewer, a large capacity 80GB hard drive, two memory card slots and long battery life, offering quick and reliable storage back up for professional photographers.

Photokina, 25 September - 1 October 2006 - The P-5000 is the latest addition to Epson’s award-winning multimedia storage viewer range. Featuring a large 4.0” Epson Photo Fine Ultra LCD viewer with the world’s first four-colour filter system, it provides an increased colour gamut and unrivalled image quality. The P-5000 comes with an 80GB hard drive and long battery life, (up to 3 hours of continuous slide show viewing) making it a reliable storage device for photographers. JPEG, RAW support for major camera manufacturers and improved user-friendly media management software are also included in a sleek, sturdy and portable design.

Where standard LCD technology uses red, green and blue (RGB) filters, Epson’s Photo Fine Ultra screen uses red, blue, emerald green and yellow green, which enables colours to be reproduced at a more natural level than has ever been seen before. It also extends the colour range of the red and blue filters enabling the Epson P-5000 to register a wider range of red and blue tones.  This results in an increased total colour gamut of more than 16.7 million colours, which is 117% wider than S-RGB and is the world’s first portable product to support Adobe RGB colour space . Combined with a screen size of 4.0” and a resolution of 640 x 480 pixels, the Photo Fine Ultra LCD viewer supports the latest ultra-high resolution cameras and marks a new standard of excellence in the storage device market.

Epson has incorporated a number of features that ensure the P-5000 is a truly professional back-up tool for photographers. An 80GB storage capacity allows you to store up to 4,500 files in RAW format . You can free images from your digital camera by simply inserting your memory card into the card slot and downloading your photos. Back-up speed is incredibly fast with a transfer rate of approximately 155 seconds for 1GB of data from a Compact Flash card. You can also back-up via USB 2.0, transfer images from your P-5000 to an external hard drive and print directly to any Epson USB compatible printer. 

The Epson P-5000 enables photographers to check all the metadata stored including exposure, colour and composition of images, which is ideal when you’re on location. So if you’ve captured the perfect photo, you can easily review its precise settings in order to replicate it. You can also assign your own quality ratings to your photos choosing between one and five stars, where five is for your favourite or best shots. You can then browse your photos according to your ratings.

The P-5000 has a strong zoom function of up to 400% , so you can view images in the greatest of detail. The powerful processing unit makes the viewing of full-frame images and thumbnails incredibly fast.

The browser function accommodates three viewing modes; 12 thumbnails, 64 thumbnails or a list of files.  It only takes six seconds to display 64 thumbnail photos, which allows you to find the photo you are searching for quickly and easily. Files are secure with the P-5000 folder protection feature, you can password protect your folders to prevent any unauthorised access to your files.

With additional multimedia appeal, the P5000 is the world’s first portable product to support xvYCC video colour space.  This is an extended colour space for video application, which gives vivid colour reproduction. It also supports MP3, AAC, WMA formats for music and DiVX, MPEG 1/2/4, AVC, WMV9 and Motion JPEG formats for movies, so you can enjoy your favorite songs and videos while you’re on the road. The new Link2 software allows easy management of photo, music and movie files. It is also compatible with AdobeBridge.

Yasbir Sihan, Senior Product Manager, Consumer Products at Epson Europe says, “The P-5000 is the first multimedia storage device in the world to feature a 4.0” Epson Photo Fine Ultra LCD viewer with a four-colour filter. This technology achieves an unrivalled colour gamut, which is of significant benefit to photographers, as photos appear with incredible detail and vividness. Reliability is also crucial for professionals and the long battery life and 80GB hard drive ensure a large amount of photos can be stored and viewed when you are on location. With these features, the P-5000 makes an ideal back-up tool for professional photographers and was built for durability and efficiency with an ergonomic design in a sleek and sturdy casing.”

Epson P-5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer key features summary:
World first four-colour filter with Epson’s 4.0” Photo Fine Ultra LCD viewer
Display unparalleled image brightness, colour and detail (640x480 pixels)
Back-up, view and share digital photos (JPEG & RAW )
Store up to 4,500 files in RAW format1 with 80GB storage capacity
Adobe RGB support
Built-in CompactFlash® and SD memory card slots for additional back-up
Incredible reliability with a long battery life (up to 3 hours of continuous slide show viewing)
Print your photos to any compatible Epson photo printer via USB 2.0 direct print
View metadata at the touch of a button
Folder protection function for guaranteed security
Rate your photos as you view them for improved file management
Sleek and durable, high quality casing
Enjoy a wide range of movies and music formats
World’s first portable player to support xvYCC video colour space
Officially certified DivX product
Epson P-5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer RRP including tax €699– available from October 2006

Epson P5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer

Epson P5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer

Epson P5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer

Epson P5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer

Epson P5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer

Epson P5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer

Epson P5000 Multimedia Storage Viewer