GoPro Fusion Gets 5.6K Video at 24fps

January 22, 2019 | Mark Goldstein | Digital | Comment |

GoPro have released Firmware v2.0 for the Fusion camera which adds 5.6K video recording at 24fps. The Beta firmware also introduces a 5.6K/24fps time lapse mode and longer night/time lapse photo intervals.

GoPro Press Release


Happy 2019! It’s that time of year where new year resolutions abound, so with that in mind, we have a very important, very literal, resolution to share with Fusion users.

Today, GoPro is launching a public beta for our spherical camera, Fusion, that introduces all-new experiences across Fusion, Fusion Studio and Fusion Adobe plug-ins in the biggest update since launching in 2018.

So what’s the resolution? The public beta Firmware v2.0 enables a new 5.8K capture resolution that, when stitched, produces 5.6K spherical footage—the most cinematic quality Fusion has produced yet. In fact, the cinematic improvements don’t end there. This new resolution is now supported at 24fps, marking a Fusion first to incorporate seamlessly with TV and film productions.

There are a few more big-ticket updates, like a 5.6K/24fps time lapse mode and longer night/time lapse photo intervals, but beyond firmware, this public beta improves the full GoPro spherical content creation ecosystem with updates to Fusion Studio and new 2019-compatible Adobe Premiere and After Effects plug-ins.

Find the full release notes below, and access the public beta firmware here.*

New Firmware v2.0 (Beta):

  • New 5.6K/24fps video mode (captured at 5.8K resolution and stitched to 5.6K).
  • New 5.6K/24fps time lapse video mode.
  • RAW photo support for night and time lapse modes with intervals of 5 seconds or longer.
  • General bug fixes.

New Fusion Studio v1.4 (Beta): 

  • Adds 5.6K exports for the new higher resolution 24fps mode.
  • Adds support for importing time lapse photo from sub-folder folders, when using Adobe Lightroom rendered GPR RAW time/night lapse sequences.
  • Adds a preference control to import long videos in separate chapters for faster imports.
  • Adds support for importing Fusion clips without .LRV files.
  • Improved stabilization quality for all modes (particularly for 24fps).
  • Improved stitch quality for videos with large exposure differences between front and back lenses.
  • Enhanced image processing to improve outputs for all modes.

New Adobe Premiere CC 2019 and Adobe After Effects CC 2019 plug-ins:

  • Updated GoPro VR plug-ins for compatibility with Adobe Premiere CC 2019 and Adobe After Effects CC 2019.

Downloads and Installation Instructions

  • Firmware 2.0 (Beta): 
  • Adobe Premiere and After Effects VR plug-ins:
    • OSX:
    • Windows: 
    • Special note on installation for plug-ins:
      • If you install any version of Fusion Studio (1.3 or 1.4 Beta), the installers will install the old plug-ins.
      • After you install Fusion Studio (any version), remember to install the Adobe plug-ins from the links above to install the versions that support the 2019 versions of Premiere and After Effects.

*By downloading any of the following Fusion public beta updates provided to you on, from, or through the GoPro website you signify your agreement to these terms of participation (the "Terms” can be found here).

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