Hasselblad H5D-200c MS

August 21, 2014 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Digital | Comment |

Via its official Instagram channel (!), Hasselblad has introduced a new multi-shot camera called the Hasselblad H5D-200c Multi-Shot. Just like the existing Hasselblad H4D-200MS, the new camera has a 50-megapixel sensor and utilises Hasselblad’s patented piezo frame module, which captures a series of shots of the same subject and combines them into a 200-megapixel file. The main difference is the Hasselblad H5D-200c MS has a CMOS chip instead of a CCD, which offers a much wider sensitivity range and exposure times as long as 12 minutes. Pricing and availability to be confirmed.

Hasselblad Product Description

Hasselblad has raised the bar yet again concerning the capture of super high-quality images. It builds on the achievements and success of multi-shot capture technology with the H5D-50MS and the liberating characteristics of the H5D-50c – the worlds first CMOS medium format camera. The H5D-200c MS MS takes stilllife studio photography to mind blowing moiré free 200Mpix resolution. Six shot ‘microstep technology’ takes maximum advantage of everything the HC lenses have to offer, which is a very great deal in itself, and combines it with the latest CMOS capabilities to produce a quality that is hard to believe is possible. From fine cars to miniature artworks and from delicate fabrics to diamonds – or quite simply where only the best reproduction is acceptable – the 200Mpix multi-shot image offers true color and moiré free capture, providing an astonishing level of detail. As if that was not enough, this camera still claims all the advantages of the H5D line – True Focus, Ultra Focus, Digital Lens Correction plus being able to shoot regardless of lighting conditions as a result of the very high ISO settings that are capable of unforeseen high quality with remarkably little noise. These top of the range features make the H5D-200c MS such an outstanding camera choice – a studio workhorse to produce unsurpassable quality in a controlled environment to doubling up as a top flight, hand held single-shot camera for shots on the move. Versatility was always a Hasselblad cornerstone and remains so.

This is the camera that leaves all the others behind.

• 200Mpix capability with faster multishot capture sequence
• 50 Mpixel CMOS sensor with amazing image quality
• Excellent high ISO performance
• Longer shutter speeds up to 12 minutes.
• Faster capture rate: 1.5 frames per second
• Live Video with high frame rate
• Much improved camera handling
• Improved weather sealings
• True Focus auto-focus system with Absolute Position Lock and camera controls.
• A range of 12 high performing lenses with built-in central shutter.

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