HDR PhotoStudio 2.12

June 12, 2009 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Software | Comment |

Unified Color has announced an upgrade to its imaging software, HDR PhotoStudio Version 2.12 improves the product features and incorporates new operations of colour tone equalizer, colour tuning and white balance. Moreover, the new HDR merge works directly with TIFF and JPEG files. The price of the program is $149.99, and there is a 30-day free trial available from http://www.unifiedcolor.com/.

Press Release

Unified Color Unveils an Updated Version of its HDR PhotoStudio Image Editing Software

Improved workflow and new operations of color tone equalizer, color tuning, and white balance make HDR PhotoStudio™ the premier color management application

South San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 9, 2009—Unified Color announced today an upgrade to its innovative digital imaging software, HDR PhotoStudio™. New color management and workflow features give the users more control over image editing.

Modeled after human vision, HDR PhotoStudio is the only imaging software featuring accurate color, full color gamut and HDR editing capability. This update further improves the product features and incorporates new operations of color tone equalizer, color tuning and white balance. The new HDR merge works directly with TIFF and JPEG without requiring camera settings profile. Among many performance and stability improvements, users will experience a dramatic performance gain when reducing halo artifacts in their images.

The new color tone equalizer feature allows users to quickly and independently adjust up to six basic color tones (red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and magenta). An exclusive color tuning operation provides control of chromatic (color) components for fine tuning of specific colors in the image while keeping other colors intact. Color tuning is typically performed after the White Balance and is useful for obtaining a better visual match for chosen color tones.

The White Balance feature lets users fine tune image’s colors not only using conventional white tone, but also by selecting non-white (color) tone and adjusting its position in the gamut control.

“We have been listening to our users, who wanted to merge HDR images in formats other than RAW and with this release they can,” said Igor Tryndin, CTO of Unified Color. Dr. Sergey Bezryadin, Unified Color’s Chief Scientist added: “HDR PhotoStudio’s new color correction instruments deliver powerful and precise results, significantly extending the range of HDR image editing options available to our discerning users.”

Launched just three months ago, HDR PhotoStudio has already received rave reviews and acknowledgements in HDR expert circles, especially for its color accuracy and color integrity capabilities. With this month’s addition of unique color management features and improved workflow, even more people will be able to adopt and use HDR PhotoStudio.

About Unified Color
Unified Color is a digital imaging technology company that has developed a unique, next-generation, multi-patented, high dynamic range (HDR) photo editing solution. Unified Color methodology mimics the science of the eye capturing light and applies it to the world of digital imaging, delivering unprecedented precision and image quality. Its technology offers major advantages for editing and compressing digital images: High Definition, High Dynamic Range, High Precision imagery, Accurate Colors, and High Compression rates. Unified Color methodology solves many long-standing digital imaging challenges and supports a novel imaging paradigm that offers new levels of efficiency and accuracy.

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