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Franzis Verlag, a German publishing house, introduced its HDR Projects Platin software for the first time to an international audience at the Focus on Imaging 2013. HDR Projects Plating features an extensive array of functions and flexible editing methods for high-quality results, the company says. Highlights include seven HDR imaging algorithms, selective HDR for precise results, “exceptionally natural” and realistic rendering of high-contrast scenes, adjustable smoothing for the removal of unwanted halos and more. HDR Projects Platin is a stand-alone software optimised for MacOS 64-bit and Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and sells for £99 including VAT.

Press Release

FRANZIS presents HDR Projects Platin software for Mac and PC

Intuitive operation and professional photo-realistic and artistic results are set to create new standards in the world of HDR image editing

Haar, Munich, March 2013 — After sweeping success in the German-speaking world, Franzis Verlag, a German publishing house, introduced its revolutionary software solution HDR projects platin (www.hdr-projects.com) for the first time to an international audience at the Focus on Imaging 2013 in Birmingham.

HDR projects platin is HDR software for Mac and PC, featuring extensive functions and flexible editing methods in order to ensure realistic and creative photo motifs always take centre stage. Thanks to its intuitive operation and high-quality results, HDR projects platin is suitable for amateur, professional and industrial photographers alike.

With the launch of HDR projects platin in October 2012, Franzis Verlag revolutionised all components of HDR image editing, including user-friendliness, speed and opportunities for individual and creative image editing, and set a new standard of quality for High Dynamic Range photography.

Key features
Seven newly developed HDR algorithms ensure maximum design capability
Selective HDR for precise results in every image area
Superior contrast ratio for exceptionally natural, realistic results
High-end HDR even from single pictures by generating exposure brackets automatically
HDR in real time through highly optimised algorithms and GPU acceleration
51 different post-processing effects, combinable and customisable presets offer maximum creative freedom
Powerful HDR painter for effective ghost reduction
Adjustable HDR smoothing for removing unwanted halos
Expert mode with 5 tone-mapping algorithms and 46 categorised photo filters meets highest demands

For detailed information and tutorials, please visit www.hdr-projects.com. A free demo version, as well as sample images for testing HDR projects directly are available online at www.hdr-projects/downloads.

Price and availability
HDR projects platin is available in English and German as an ESD version (download) for €149.00 at www.hdr-projects.com, or as a boxed copy from Colour Confidence (www.colourconfidence.com), currently at a special price of £99.00 (incl. 20% VAT).

HDR projects platin is a stand-alone software optimised for Mac OS 64-bit and Windows 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems and supports all popular RAW image formats.

About Franzis
Franzis Verlag is a German book and software publishing company, based in Haar near Munich, and is one of the oldest and most successful technical publishing houses. The company specialises in electronics, photo-editing software, mobile computing, website development and model building. Franzis’ diverse array of products spans electronic tutorial packages for beginners, editing software for enthusiastic photographers, right up to expert knowledge for IT developers. The photo portal www.pixxsel.de underpins the company’s expertise in digital photography with specialised software solutions for HDR photography, RAW data editing, creative image-editing solutions, in addition to in-depth knowledge about camera technology, encompassing all there is to know about photography. More information about Franzis can be found at www.franzis.de.

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