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HDRlog has released the first update to hte standalone version of its HDRinstant software. Version 1 brings new features such as a tool to help you choose the sharpest image, user tone-mapping presets, image sharpening and adjustment tools. The innovative technology behind the program allows the user to create an HDR image from video footage, and its anti-ghosting capability removes motion blur when creating HDR images from several frames. After importing your video clip, you can extract as many images as possible, then select your favorite frame. HDRinstant will stack the frames and apply a special morphing algorithm to build the final HDR photograph.  The Mac and Windows versions can be downloaded from the website below.

Website: HDRinstant

Press Release

HDRinstant transforms your images into magic moments with lucky imaging technology

In today’s world we have an incredible amount of technology that we can use to capture photos and videos ranging from Smartphones and cameras to drones and action cameras like the GoPro. However, the quality of the obtained images is often unsatisfactory. 

Wouldn’t it be great if we could have images that looked like they were taken by a professional photographer at just the click of a button...

Jacques Joffre, the founder of the company HDRlog has created a product that allows you to do just that. HDRinstant, a brand new and innovative piece of software allows the user to create HDR (high dynamic range) images from video clips.

What is HDR used for?

You’ve almost certainly seen that there is an HDR function on your Smartphone. This allows you to create a great looking image of a very contrasted subject for example something that is backlit or a sunset.

Capture and enhance your magic moment with “lucky imaging”

Whether we are equipped with a Smartphone or a camera, we all like to take photos to keep souvenirs of specials moments. 

The problem is that most of us are not experts, we have difficulty getting a clear image due to camera shake, the light is often not right and not many of us understand how to use depth of field.

We’d still however like the capture those magic moments in life – the smile of a newborn baby, a beautiful sunset during summertime or the second a dolphin pokes its nose out of the water. 

It is often difficult to take a photo at the right time and we often miss the famous “decisive moment". 
HDRinstant allows you to start with a video or a set of burst images (several images taken one after another) and create an enhanced image. You don’t need a tripod or any photographic know-how. The software processes the image allowing you to see more color and detail in the image that you have chosen from the video. It does this by stacking the images surrounding your chosen one – don’t worry though, the software does this for you. 

Thanks to this new technology, the chosen image will be sharper. Furthermore, HDRinstant uses a technique called Lucky Imaging and so all you need to do is film your subject to capture your decisive moment from the video. A film is really just a sequence of still images and nowadays, most recent cameras allow the user to film at 30, 60 or even 120 images per second. Even the most expensive cameras only take 14 images per second and therefore, by filming we are more likely to capture right the moment. 
HDRinstant processes your chosen image which transforms it into an HDR image. It also cleans and sharpens it.

Pratically speaking

Imagine that you are on holiday and you would like to capture a beautiful sunset.

How does it work?

  • Film the sunset and the surrounding scenery – the ocean, birds or kites in the sky
  • Using HDRinstant, select the image that you would like to transform into a photo. This is Lucky Imaging at work!
  • HDRinstant will transform your image into beautiful HDR photo

It is as simple as that.

Technical Characteristics

The trial version of HDRinstant is free to download from our website. A single user license costs 89$.

About Jacques Joffre

Doctor Jacques Joffre has been a photographer since 1973. He is equally the co-founder of HDRsoft, the company that developed the famous Photomatix software. 

In 2012 he registered a patent for a new method in HDR image creation using equally exposed images. 

This new method is available to users via the HDRinstant software that both amateur and professional photographers can use. 

According to Jacques Joffre, 

“This new HDR image technique allows you to capture the famous decisive moment, that is, according to Henri Cartier Bresson the sign of a great photographer. Our motto is HDR for all scenes and everyone.”

Find out more

Website: HDRinstant.com

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HDRinstant

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