How to Create a Successful Photography Business

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How to Create a Successful Photography Business by award-winning pro photographer Elizabeth Etienne is a new book from Allworth Press. Covering everything from expenses, pricing, and profits to client relations, branding, and marketing; the author reveals a number of insider tips that can help you build a flourishing photography business. The 240-page paperback is available for $19.95.

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“A great read for any photographer who’s serious about making a go of it in today’s competitive marketplace. Elizabeth reveals the kinds of crucial insider tips that have helped make her stunning photography a real business success.”

—Audrey Jonckheer, worldwide public relations director, Kodak

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a weekend enthusiast, this book will show you How to Create a Successful Photography Business (Allworth Press, March 2012). Carry it in your back pocket or stash in your camera bag, the chapter titled “The Ten Commandments of a Successful Photography Business” will not only change the way you operate your business, but also the way you live your life.

Award-winning pro photographer Elizabeth Etienne cuts to the chase with straightforward, informative, inspirational information. Etienne reveals everything from expenses, pricing, and profits to client relations, branding, and marketing. These are the “cliff notes” to a successful photography business that other photographers don’t!

Additional topics include:

·      Negotiating and closing the deal

·      Establishing your area of specialization and personal style

·      Prepping, directing, and shooting

·      Assistants, agents & partnerships

·      Recycling your images into stock, fine art, or décor products

·      Dialing in to the “success frequency”

·      And much more!

If you’ve ever dreamt of turning your passion for photography into a profitable business, How to Create a Successful Photography Business is for you!

About the Author

Elizabeth Etienne has made her way around the world and back, from the cobblestone streets of Paris to the sandy beaches of California she now calls home. An award-winning photographer endorsed by Nikon, Kodak, and other industry providers for her trademark style and diverse subject matter, her work can be found in many magazines, blogs, websites, ad campaigns, stock libraries, and fine-art galleries. A passionate educator, she counsels photographers of all levels through her private photo-coaching business, workshops, guest speaking events, and books. She is the author of two acclaimed books, The Art of Engagement Photography and Profitable Wedding Photography, and teaches everything from shoot production planning and technical tips to portfolio presentation and photo business negotiations.

Allworth Press publishes business and how-to books for artists, graphic designers, photographers, and interior designers, as well as for filmmakers, performing artists, and authors. In addition, Allworth Press also publishes legal and personal finance guides for the general public. Books from Allworth Press are distributed to the book trade by W. W. Norton and can be found in better bookstores.  Titles may also be ordered directly from the publisher by calling (212) 643-6816 or visiting

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