Important Notice to Panasonic Camera Owners

June 16, 2009 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Accessories | Comment |

Panasonic has issued an important notice to the owners of numerous Panasonic digital still cameras. These include a number of FX, FT, TZ and ZS models as well as the G1 and GH1 interchangeable-lens digital cameras. Panasonic claims that if you use third-party batteries instead of genuine Panasonic battery packs, overcharging, internal heating or short circuit may occur, possibly leading to personal injury. The company has therefore issued a firmware update to all of these cameras that enables them to tell if a non-genuine battery is inserted, and to refuse drawing power from it. This of course means that after updating your camera’s firmware, you will not be able to use third-party batteries any more.

Website: Panasonic Firmware Downloads

Panasonic Press Release

Important Notice for non genuine Panasonic or 3rd party battery packs
(Recommendation for Use of Genuine Panasonic Battery Pack)

Panasonic Digital Still Cameras now include a technology that can identify a genuine Panasonic battery. For the protection of our customers Panasonic developed this technology after it was discovered that some aftermarket 3rd party batteries do not meet the rigid safety standards Panasonic uses.

Some of these aftermarket batteries are not equipped with internal protective devices to guard against overcharging, internal heating and short circuit. If these aftermarket battery packs were used, it could lead to an accident causing damage to your camera or personal injury.

Panasonic’s Digital Camera firmware has been updated on this website to detect these aftermarket 3rd party batteries so such serious safety issues can be avoided.

[ Warning ]
After this firmware update your Panasonic Digital Camera cannot be operated by 3rd party batteries (non genuine Panasonic batteries).

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