Jessops Stocks New Plustek Dedicated Film Scanners

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Plustek’s new, high-resolution dedicated 35mm film scanners are now available from Jessops. The Plustek OpticFilm 7400 and the Plustek OpticFilm 7600i are the successors of the OpticFilm 7300 and 7500i (read review), respectively. Both feature 7200x7200dpi hardware resolution, multisampling, software-based smart removal of defect and auto adaptive contrast optimisation. Additionally, the OpticFilm 7600i has an infrared channel for hardware-based dust and scratch removal. Both scanners boast a new white LED light source for more vivid results and precise colour rendering. The OpticFilm 7400 comes bundled with SilverFast SE Plus, whereas the OpticFilm 7600i can be bought with either SilverFast 6.6 SE Plus (Multi-Exposure) or SilverFast 6.6 AI Studio.IT8 (Multi-Exposure), the latter of which offers fully automated IT8 calibration. The OpticFilm 7400 is available for £199, the OpticFilm 7600i SE for £269, and the OpticFilm 7600i AI for £379 from Jessops.

Plustek Press Release

Jessops Stocks New Plustek Dedicated Film Scanners

OpticFilm 7400, 7600i SE and 7600i AI Target Enthusiast Photographers

TELFORD, 10th November, 2009 - Plustek Technology Inc., a manufacturer of consumer, prosumer, professional and office imaging devices (including portable scanners, sheetfed/flatbed scanners, wide-format scanners and IP surveillance equipment), today announced that Jessops, the UK’s leading photographic retailer, has expanded their product portfolio to include the company’s new film scanners.

Plustek’s OpticFilm film scanners are dedicated compact devices for scanning 35mm slides and negatives. Designed for professional photographers, graphic designers, digital content producers and home enthusiasts, the scanners are ideal for producing high quality images for magazines, photo enlargements, brochures, Web pages, as well as photo albums to share with friends on the Internet.

Plustek OpticFilm 7400

The OpticFilm 7400 uses several advanced technologies to produce better quality scans than ever before, with higher contrast and virtually no noise. Its power efficient 7200dpi design benefits from multi-sampling to cancel out noise, and the scanner employs AACC (Auto Adaptive Contrast Optimization) to produce punchy and vibrant images. The supplied software (LaserSoft SilverFast SE Plus) includes many useful features such as multi-exposure, NegaFix, selective colour correction, Auto Adjust and lots more besides.

Plustek OpticFilm 7600i SE

The OpticFilm 7600i SE is designed to be environmentally friendly with its low power consumption. And Plustek’s own light source technology gives extra realism and vibrancy to images that flatbed scanners struggle to achieve. The scanner comes bundled with the latest LaserSoft Imaging’s SilverFast 6.6 SE Plus (Multi-Exposure) software, which is enhanced with powerful Multi-Exposure, iSRD (Infrared Smart Removal of Defects), NegaFix, Selective Colour Correction, Auto Adjust, USM, plus many more features.

Plustek OpticFilm 7600i AI

The OpticFilm 7600i AI produces fantastic image quality thanks to its special light source, as well as great power saving credentials. Its light source gives a vivid and three dimensional-looking image. With real-time controls, the result of an image is displayed immediately. Automatic functions are designed to produce high-end quality images at the shortest time, although users can also adjust images manually. Moreover, the exclusive iSRD for dust and scratch removal can restore images from dust and scratches and also optimise images. The scanner comes bundled with LaserSoft Imaging’s award-winning SilverFast 6.6 Ai Studio IT8 (Multi-Exposure) software, which is enhanced with powerful Multi-Exposure, fully automatic IT8 calibration, iSRD (Infrared Smart Removal of Defects), NegaFix, Selective Colour Correction, Auto Adjust, USM, and much mroe.

Pricing and availability

The OpticFilm 7400 is available for £199, the OpticFilm 7600i SE for £269, and the OpticFilm 7600i AI for £379. All prices include VAT. All are available from Jessops.

More information on Plustek’s OpticFilm scanners can be found on its Web site.

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