JOBY Launches First Ever Full-size Tripod, the RangePod Smart

July 20, 2020 | Mark Goldstein | Accessories | Comment |

JOBY have just launched their first full-size tripod, the RangePod Smart, a travel-friendly tripod that's light and comfortable to carry. Crafted from solid aluminium, it’s tough and durable, but tips the scales at just 1.69kg / 2.7lbs.

The JOBY RangePod Smart is available now priced at £124.95 in the UK.

Vitec Imaging Solutions Press Release

JOBY launches their first full-size tripod for Vlogging: RangePod Smart

A versatile, full-size tripod that helps forward-thinking influencers and vloggers create professional-quality content anywhere, anytime

• Travel-friendly, full-size tripod that makes content creation easy

• Lockable phone mount for both orientations, including vertical for TikTok and IG Stories

• Compact and with its own carry case for go-anywhere content creation

JOBY, famous for their award-winning mounts, stands and grips, has expanded its range of essential kit for vloggers and influencers with the launch of their first full-size tripod, the RangePod Smart. This travel-friendly tripod is light and comfortable to carry, making it a practical option for shooting content that’s crisp, impactful, and effective when you’re out and about. Designed in two different colours and graphics: red and black. It even comes with our specialised JOBY clamp, letting you mount your phone horizontally or vertically.

Engineered to deliver professional-level equipment at an affordable price, it’s the must-have piece of kit to make quality content creation easy, regardless of where you are. It comes complete with its own carry case too, making it a practical solution for every shoot, whether you’re filming half-way up a mountain or in your studio.

Clever features for quality content

When you’re filming content that people want to watch you need well- thought-out equipment that makes your life easier, but still delivers top-quality results. As experts in creating audio-visual accessories, we’ve developed the RangePod Smart with the crucial features that we know vloggers and influencers are looking for.

The Arca-Swiss compatible quick-release plate means a fast and simple camera release to make set-up and break-down fast and stress-free. The included JOBY Phone clamp has two ¼” attachment points to attach your phone horizontally or vertically, depending on your desired orientation. That means you can create content for any platform, from YouTube to TikTok. There is a secure double lock mechanism to keep your smartphone safe in its place, and a useful cold shoe to attach your Wavo microphone or Beamo LED too (not included).

Lightweight, user-friendly, and an essential addition to your vlogging kit

We know that some of your most interesting content is captured when you are out and about. That is why we’ve made it easy and comfortable to carry the RangePod Smart with you on every trip. The patented leg angle selectors allow the legs to fold around the head to reduce it to an extremely compact 42.5cm / 16.7 inches long when packed away in the included bag. Crafted from solid aluminium, it’s tough and durable, but tips the scales at just 1.69kg / 2.7lbs.

Whether you’re in your home, garden, or the middle of the countryside, you can’t guarantee you’ll be shooting on a level surface. The convenient leg angle selector and the twist lock on each leg helps you set the tripod at different heights for perfectly balanced shooting, whatever the terrain. A clever detachable hook on the centre column means you can add weight when needed for improved stability.

Capable of supporting equipment weighing up to 8kg, the RangePod Smart is robust enough to pair with everything from your iPhone to a Pro DSLR camera, for any vlogging creation.

Available for £124.95. For more information see

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