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December 7, 2017 | Mark Goldstein | Websites | Comment |

Kitmapper is an online peer-to-peer rental site for creatives. Just in time for the holiday shopping season, KitMapper has announced this December it will be reducing Lister fees over the winter period from 17.5% to 14% the lowest it has ever been.

KitMapper Press Release

KitMapper Gives Back: Aiding Survival for Creatives in a Competitive World

Just in time for the holiday shopping season, KitMapper has announced this December it will be reducing Lister fees over the winter period from 17.5% to 14% the lowest it has ever been.

Listers will be able to earn money to spend on gifts for their loved ones and Renters will have access to special promotional offers on all products hired through KitMapper.

The online peer-to-peer rental site for creatives will also continue to offer The KitMapper Guarantee, a vital safety net which covers users should kit be subject to an incident. This will not only make KitMapper the cheapest way for users to get their hands on photography and AV kit, but now Listers as well will have the opportunity to make £100s a week. 

Renters looking to hire professional camera and AV kit for shows, exhibitions, events and independent projects will be able to get it through KitMapper for 30% to 50% less compared to traditional rental houses.

We have over 2 million people working in the UK creative industries and funding to the arts constantly under threat, small, personal projects struggle to take notice. KitMapper believes that the creative enterprise should never be hindered by expense or availability. Founder Dave Charlesworth and team have developed KitMapper to be the UK’s first equipment rental network dedicated to creatives by creatives.

Using KitMapper couldn’t be easier and we already have kit from across the spectrum available to rent now:
• Arri Alexa, Sony A7s, Canon 5D and C300 cameras, ideal for anyone looking for high quality photos and video.
• Genelec 8020c’s, Technics 1210 turntables and NuMark MixPro II midi, perfect for running a club night.
• Arri, Bowens, Dedolight and Kino Flo flash studio lights and fresnel sets, excellent for lighting a commercial shoot.

If you’re lending, just set up a profile, add some kit photos, set a price and list away. Both parties are covered by the KitMapper Guarantee, a legal rental agreement, status tracking, ID verification courtesy of Experian and trust ratings set by our own community. Based in The Bussey Building in Peckham, KitMapper currently operates across London and in select locations within the UK. Visit www. kitmapper.com for more information.


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