Kodak Digital Print Kiosk Review

August 3, 2004 | Mark Goldstein | Digital | Comment |

UK website The Register have posted a reader’s experience with the new digital print kiosks from Kodak, which may have appeared recently in a Boots store near you. All seemed well - fast print times, good quality, kind-of-reasonale cost - until the reviewer went to leave the store:

“Anyway, onto the point of most concern. Having paid for my photos at the counter, i turned to leave the store, passing the kiosk again… only to notice the “Previous Pictures” button on the main display. Curious. I walked over and touched the button. Lo and behold, my photos. The kiosk copied them from my disk to print a copy… but you’d assume they’d be deleted afterwards. However, it seems they remain in a cache of some sort. Not all of my pictures were there, granted, but about half of them at least.”

Website: The Register - Reg reader tackles Kodak digital print booth

UPDATE 05/08/04: The Register have now published an update in which Kodak have responded to the concerns raised by the original article.

Website: The Register - Digital print booths: Kodak addresses your concerns