Kuwait Imposes Ban on Using DSLRs in Public

November 24, 2010 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Digital SLR Cameras | Comment |

According to multiple online sources, it is now illegal for amateur photographers to use their DSLR cameras in public in Kuwait. The curious regulation appears not to concern any other type of camera - so while you can’t use, say, an entry-level Digital Rebel or D3100 on the streets of the emirate; it is perfectly legal to shoot an EOS 1V or a Nikon F6, not to mention any Leica, analog or digital. Compacts and cell phones are also exempt from the ban. (Accredited journalists may carry on using their DSLRs too.)

Source: The Kuwait Times via 1001 Noisy Cameras

Update: Kuwaiti Paper Retracts Report on DSLR Ban

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