Leica Announces CM ZOOM Film Camera

August 28, 2004 | Mark Goldstein | Film | Comment |

LEICA CM ZOOMLeica Press Release 27/08/04

The LEICA CM ZOOM is a high-quality compact camera for silver halide films from Leica Camera AG, Solms. Sporting a robust titanium body, the camera has a brilliant lens for exceptional optical performance. With a focal length range of 35 to 70 mm, the LEICA VARIO-ELMAR f/3.5-6.5/35-70mm offers photographers many possibilities of image composition, such as for selecting subject coverage in portrait photography or for landscapes. The many manual setting options give the imaginative powers of the photographer full scope. The LEICA CM ZOOM is made of high-quality materials and is assembled in Germany. As a long-life product, the compact camera is a companion you can rely on for capturing those unique photographic moments. Whether family celebrations, holidays, leisure time - the superb photos taken with the LEICA CM ZOOM are personal mementos to treasure.

?In our times of fast-lived digital photography, the LEICA CM ZOOM sets new standards for compact cameras with its high retention of value and timeless elegance,? says Markus Ring, Product Manager of Leica Camera’s Photo Division. ?Its many different functions leave nothing to be desired, making it the ideal compact solution for any situation. It records special moments quickly, precisely and with a previously unknown degree of definition and captures moods naturally. With the manual zoom and individual aperture preselector, the photographer can give his creativity full rein. In any situation, the LEICA CM ZOOM takes pictures that take you right back to the scene even years later!?

The titanium body of the LEICA CM ZOOM with its elegant leather finish is reminiscent of the classic style of LEICA M system cameras. The compact camera was designed by Professor Achim Heine of Berlin. The controls have a clear layout. The integrated viewfinder display constantly shows the photographer the key photographic parameters so that he can check and activate functions without having to move the camera away from his eye. The timeless titanium body is shockproof and affords reliable protection from many types of damage.

LEICA CM ZOOMLens: The LEICA VARIO-ELMAR f/3.5-6.5/35-70mm lens of the LEICA CM ZOOM consists of seven elements in six component groups and was designed by Leica’s optics specialists in Solms. Due to the use of high-quality glass types and the adherence to strict quality standards, the LEICA CM ZOOM delivers exceptional imaging performance. ?The lens sets new standards of brilliance and image quality. This combined with the haptics of the LEICA VARIO-ELMAR f/3.5-6.5/35-70mm with its manual control options gives the user a photographic experience of which only a Leica is capable,? says Markus Ring, Product Manager of Leica Camera’s Photo Division.

Body: The robust titanium body with non-slip leather is especially comfortable to hold. The aperture and focus setting can be set with the ergonomic controls, if the photographer prefers to operate the camera manually. The large illuminated LCD display with non-slip dial on the camera back simplifies the swift setting of important functions, while symbols for flash mode, exposure override, self-timer, frame counter and date setting give the user a quick overview. For manual focusing, the focus setting is displayed as well. The individual flash mode and exposure override settings can be permanently stored in the memory.

Viewfinder with integrated LED display: The large and bright real viewfinder ? which is particularly suitable for eyeglass wearers ? features parallax markings and diopter compensation. The LED display is the same as the one used in the professional camera LEICA M7 and gives clear readings of the focus setting, flash readiness and shutter speed. ?The manufacture and the fitting of the delicate yet complex viewfinder display demands special expertise and a sensitive touch. The tight Leica tolerances can only be met by precision craftsmanship,? adds Markus Ring. The intensity of the LED display is controlled by the ambient light. It is clearly legible in daylight without being dazzlingly bright in the dark. The light balance of the LEICA M7 is used on the LEICA CM ZOOM as a focusing aid to facilitate manual focusing.

Exposure: In automatic program mode, there is a program shift dial on the back of the camera for selecting various shutter speed/aperture combinations without the photographer having to move his eye away from the camera. All the information is shown in the viewfinder. Within the scope of the exposure, the desired shutter speed/aperture combinations can be selected at any time.

Flash operation: The LEICA CM ZOOM has a powerful integrated flash (guide no. 14) whose light quantity is controlled by the camera. It is automatically activated to compensate for against-the-light situations. All flash modes, such as automatic flash on, preflash to combat red-eye, long flash exposures and synchronization on the second shutter curtain can be intercombined. An external flash shoe allows the use of the LEICA SF 24D flash unit. The camera controls the amount of flash light depending on the aperture and focus setting. With this so-called guide no. control, it is possible to take precisely exposed and homogeneously illuminated flash photos. Further advantages for the user are lower power consumption and faster flash recharging. Already owned SCA flash units can be used on the LEICA CM ZOOM via an SCA 3502 M4 adapter.

The standard configuration also includes a data printing facility which prints the time and date on the photos for easy sorting.

Weighing a mere 330 grams, the Leica compact camera is extremely manageable and space-saving. With its large, clear controls it is easy to use and therefore ideal for spontaneous situations.

The LEICA CM ZOOM will be available at Leica stockists’ from the end of September. The camera comes in a velour bag that keeps the camera safe when being carried about.