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The Leica SOFORT Black is a matte black finished instant film camera. This edition has the same popular features and functions of the existing Leica Sofort models, which already come in white and mint. The Leica SOFORT black is a fantastic way to rediscover instant photography, allowing each photographer quick and easy access to taking pictures.

The camera offers a plethora of functional modes, which offer different time exposures and delays, automatic exposure and aperture adaption, ensuring the best results every time. Additionally, users have full control of the flash and focusing functions of the camera, allowing for a custom experience with each use.

Black and white as well as color film are available for the SOFORT, as well as additional accessories including carrying straps and cases. The Leica SOFORT Black is now available for $299.

Leica Press Release

New colour option: From today, the versatile Leica SOFORT instant picture camera is also available in black.

Wetzlar, 21st September 2018. The latest addition to the Leica instant picture camera portfolio is a black version of the Leica SOFORT. Alongside the models in white and mint, Leica is offering the camera in matt black finish with the same popular features and functions of the existing models. Created by the Leica Design Team, all versions of the Leica SOFORT share the same unmistakeable looks. A special highlight of the black version is that the product name SOFORT is picked out in white lettering around the camera body.

The versatile Leica SOFORT is a fantastic way to rediscover instant picture photography. The camera enables quick and easy access to photography together with the unique experience and fascination of instant photos. Thanks to the creative opportunities and numerous features offered by the camera, users can capture small, haptic works of art and lasting memories.

In addition to the modes Automatic, Party & People, Sport & Action, Macro and creative programmes for multiple and time exposures, the Leica SOFORT also offers a programme for self-portraits with a self-timer with two different delays. To ensure best results every time, the camera automatically adapts parameters such as the exposure time and aperture to the programme the user selects. Flash triggering can either be left entirely to the automatic flash function of the camera, or users can turn it on or off, depending on the pictures they want to take. To make things easier when shooting self-portraits, the Leica SOFORT also features a rectangular mirror on the front.

The focusing distance of the Leica SOFORT can be set separately, regardless of the selected programme mode. Depending on the choice of the close-up or long distance setting and the selected programme mode, this means that the camera offers even more creative freedom when making pictures.

A comprehensive range of accessories is also available for the Leica SOFORT. A black-and-white film is now also available alongside the colour film. Both film types are available in packs of ten. The colour film is also available in double packs for twenty pictures.

Comfortable and safe carrying of the camera is guaranteed with the range of Leica SOFORT Straps in the colours mint, orange and black-and-white, whilst stylish Leica SOFORT Cases in a choice of black or brown offer ideal protection for the camera.

Leica also offers a range of practical options for presenting instant pictures: Leica SOFORT Postcards are offered in sets of three. Each card has a different design and enables the integration of a picture. The Leica SOFORT Photo Presenter ring binder can be filled with photos and placed on a flat surface as a decorative object or for the presentation of pictures. For anyone wishing to revel in memories, the Leica SOFORT Photo Album is the classic solution for showing and sharing pictures and keeping them safe. The Leica SOFORT Box Set neatly rounds off the range of accessories with a practical solution for keeping their favourite pictures safe and sound.

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