LFI Interviews New Leica Chairman

April 6, 2008 | Mark Goldstein | News | Comment |

LeicaLFI International have a very interesting interview with Dr Andreas Kaufmann, the new CEO of Leica, who abruptly replaced Steven K.? ?Lee in rather mysterious circumstances. The entire interview is available to download as a PDF.

“LFI: Do you regret having made StevenLee CEO?
Kaufmann: I never judge my decision in that way. We always make mistakes when we make decisions, but sometimes there’s no way around them. If it appears to be running off in the wrong direction you simply have to correct it. And, of course, you will have learned something new. There’s been a lot of movement within the company, and a lot of it is thanks to Steven Lee. As to whether we made the right choice in replacing him… I have no idea, but a choice had to be made. I hope it was the right one.”

Website: LFI International - Leica’s Revised Plans

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