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Light and Dust is a new photo book featuring 120 colour and black-and-white wildlife photographs by Federico Veronesi. This book is a reflection on the subjects and places that made the deepest impression on the author during his years spent in Eastern Africa. His interest and skill in capturing the emotions of wild animals, their resilience and beauty make it unique. The author has sought out the most dramatic weather conditions for his photographs—morning mists, dust storms and heavy rains, or rays of light shining through the clouds—and followed the animals on endless journeys along ancient trails, accross dry lakes or raging rivers, documenting their never-ending fight for survival. The 240-page hardback will be available in September for £40/$60.

Rizzoli Press Release

Images and Stories from the Wilds of East Africa
By Federico Veronesi

Hardcover / 11 x 13 / 240 pages / 120 color & b/w photographs US $60.00 / ISBN: 978-88-317-2071-7 / Marsilio / Release date: September 2015

As a young boy, Federico Veronesi’s first trip to the savannahs and bush of Kenya left a lasting impression on him. His passion for African wildlife grew in the ensuing years, and while at university he was offered an internship in Nairobi where he would get his first chance to capture these animals through his own lens. Years later in 2007, Veronesi moved to Kenya where he set up a semi-permanent tent in the Maasai Mara National Reserve. There he studied and photographed his subjects and began to focus on photographing their beauty and resilience even in some of the harshest climates, seeking out the most dramatic weather conditions—from dust storms to fiery sunsets.

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LIGHT AND DUST is a gorgeous reflection on Veronesi’s time spent in East Africa. With an ability to minimize his presence and avoid interfering with the animal’s behavior, he is able to photograph them in their most natural state. As Christian Pilard states in the Introduction, “Through his masterful playing with the elements of sunlight, clouds, and dust, Federico Veronesi’s photographs alter our perception of the world around us to reveal the powerful beauty within nature.” It is Veronesi’s ideal blending of weather and wildlife that present a unique perspective on the African bush, and LIGHT AND DUST will resonate with those that have an appreciation for wildlife photography.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Federico Veronesi grew up loving wildlife and photography. After graduating with a degree in Economics he moved permanently to Kenya where he began photographing full time. His photographs have received international awards and have been published in several books and magazines.

Credit for the book must read: Light and Dust by Federico Veronesi, Marsilio, 2015. Images must be credited as: © Federico Veronesi, Light and Dust, Marsilio, 2015. Images and text may not be reproduced in any way without written permission from the publisher. For images to accompany your coverage or any other publicity information about this title, please contact Brisa Robinson at 212.387.3425 or [email protected]

LIGHT AND DUST: Images and Stories from the Wilds of East Africa
By Federico Veronesi
Hardcover / 11” x 13” / 240 pages / 300 color & b/w photographs
US $60.00 / CAN $60.00 / UK £40.00
ISBN: 978-88-317-2071-7


Release date: September 2015

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