Lightroom Catalogues to Remain Accessible after Expiration of CC Subscription

July 14, 2014 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Software | Comment |

Adobe's new Photography Plan enables anyone to use the most up-to-date desktop versions of both Lightroom and Photoshop CC for as little as £8.78/$9.99 per month, which is an excellent deal for most people, especially those just getting involved in serious photo editing. But Adobe's move to a subscription-based model raised the question of what would happen to users' Lightroom catalogues once their Creative Cloud (CC) membership expired. In a recent blog post, Adobe's Tom Hogarty responded to these concerns, stating that "at the end of a membership, the desktop application will continue to launch and provide access to the photographs managed within Lightroom as well as the Slideshow, Web, Book or Print creations that we know many photographers painstakingly create. The Develop and Map modules have been disabled in order to signal the end of the membership and the need to renew in order to receive Adobe’s continuous innovation in those areas. Access to Lightroom mobile workflows will also cease to function."

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