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June 15, 2011 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Film | Comment |

Lomography is now able to offer film processing by mail order, to anywhere in the UK. The LomoLab opened on 11th March and initially offered on-site processing only - today Lomography announced that the lab now offers processing, scanning and printing services to every analogue photographer living in the United Kingdom. Housed in the basement at the Lomography Gallery Store East London, the LomoLab can process and scan 135 and 120 format transparencies and print films. Processing options include C41, E6, cross-processing and traditional black-and-white film development. For more information, check out the website below.

Website: LomoLab

Lomography Press Release

Give your films expert care with Lomography’s LomoLab mail order service!

Can’t find a lab near you? Maybe your lab won’t develop your crazy burned out, washed up, cross processed, sprocket holed shots? Or are you just too lazy to leave the house?

No Problem! For the first time Lomography is now able to offer film processing by mail order, to anywhere in the UK! For years these mighty dragons have been closing down and slipping away in this supposed age of digitalisation…but not for us. We’ve been quietly (well, not that quietly) forging ahead with the most amazing community of analogue photographers, who have been shooting film all over the UK. We are very proud to be able to offer processing, scanning and printing services for every single 120 or 35mm film in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It’s like a luxury spa for your films!

The LomoLab is housed in the basement at the Lomography Gallery Store East London.  Here our own LomoLabRat Mr. Jack Quick performs miracles in the most personal manner, all using the passion and creativity that Lomography is so well known for.

Following on from the standard set by our LomoLabRat: Mr. Jack Quick; all our LomoLab operators are photography graduates with years of professional printing experience and hard core Lomographers to boot. Each set of prints will be treated with care and consideration and will be handled as though they belonged to the LabRats themselves! This is a timely process but one that we at Lomography feel is of utmost importance to our customers – whether they are Lomographers themselves or not. The on-site processing machines are also painstakingly maintained by the LomoLabRat himself, with a huge amount of care and attention. More timely attention needed for this, but ultimately, we at Lomography feel that it’s all worth it. No rushed and uncared-for, one-hour processing here – no siree bob! Having someone who knows what their doing and who takes the time with each order is a bit of a rarity these days and it’s something that we’re all very proud of here at Lomography.

How it works:
Go to www.lomographyuk.com/lomolab
order the services you require
Send us your films in the mailer we provide
As soon as your films have been processed the LomoLab team will email you a link so that you can view your glorious shots online, and download them straight away
Your prints and negatives will follow in the post

Technical Details
35mm processing
120mm processing
Standard colour processing
Black and white processing
Spinner 360 processing
Cross processing – E6 through C41 chemistry
On site scanning with specialist scanning masks available for all panoramic requirements including:
Spinner 360
Sprocket Rocket
Exposed sprocket holes

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