Magnum and LensCulture Photography Awards Winners Announced

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Twelve international photographers have been announced as the winners of the inaugural Magnum and LensCulture Photography Award. Single-image winners include Ofir Barak (Street Photography), Hannah Modigh (Portrait), Valery Melnikov (Photojournalism), Asger Ladefoged (Open), Kyle Weeks (Fine Art), and Cris Toala Olivares (Documentary). Series winners include Dougie Wallace (Stree Photography), Jens Juul (Portrait), Sandra Hoyn (Photojournalism), Julián Barón García (Open), Mauricio Lima (Documentary) and Aaron Hardin (Fine Art). You can view all the winning images and photo essays at the website below.

Website: LensCulture

Magnum Press Release


Twelve international photographers have been announced as the winners of the inaugural Magnum and LensCulture Photography Award. The legendary photography agency, Magnum Photos, and LensCulture have joined forces for the first time to produce this opportunity to recognise, reward and support photographic talent. Each photographer has won a cash prize, but beyond this, international exposure through Magnum Photos and LensCulture’s combined international audience of over 4 million, a presence at 30 international photography festivals and access to expert guidance.


Street: Dougie Wallace, United Kingdom — “Harrodsburg”

Portrait: Jens Juul, Denmark — “Six Degrees of Copenhagen”

Photojournalism: Sandra Hoyn, Germany — “The Longing of the Others"

Open: Julián Barón García, Spain — “C.E.N.S.U.R.A.”

 Fine Art: Aaron Hardin, United States — “The 13th Spring”

Documentary: Mauricio Lima, Brazil — “Refugees”


Street: Ofir Barak, Israel — “Mea Sharim”

Portrait: Hannah Modigh, Sweden — “Hillbilly heroin, honey”

Photojournalism: Valery Melnikov, Russian Federation — “At the Last Second”

Open: Asger Ladefoged, Denmark — “Daesh”

Fine Art: Kyle Weeks, South Africa — “Palm Wine Collector, Kunene Region, Namibia. 2015”

Documentary: Cris Toala Olivares, The Netherlands — “Ni’lin”

In addition, twenty finalists have also been selected, five students have been selected for the ‘Student Spotlight’ awards to celebrate up-and-coming talent, and each juror has selected one photographer for ‘Juror’s Pick’.

All the winners and finalists can be viewed at
Juror’s Picks

Paul D’Haese, Belgium — “Belgopolis”. Selected by Stacey Baker, Photo Editor, New York Times Magazine, New York, USA
Mario Cruz, Portugal — “Talibes: Modern-Day Slaves” Selected by Newsha Tavakolian, Photographer, Member of Magnum Photos, Tehran, Iran
Alejandro Chaskielberg, Argentina — “Otsuchi Future Memories”. Selected by Martin Parr, Photographer, President of Magnum Photos, London, UK
Dimitri Mellos, USA — “I speak of the city”. Selected by Jim Casper, Editor-in-Chief & Publisher, LensCulture, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Tommaso Protti, Brazil — “Ta Cheio”. Selected by David Kogan, CEO, Magnum Photos, London, UK
Marta Berens, Poland — “Suiti”. Selected by David Alan Harvey, Photographer, Founder of Burn Magazine and Member of Magnum Photos, New York, USA
Laurence Rasti, Switzerland — “There are no homosexuals in Iran”. Selected by Amy Pereira, Director of Photography, MSNBC, New York, USA

Student Spotlight

Matt Eich, USA — “This Is Not Your Family”
Emile Ducke, Germany — “Transnistria”
Jessica Kelly, UK — “Boys”
Michael Vince Kim, UK — “The Koreans of Kazakhstan”
Kari Wehrs, USA — “Shot”


Fabian Muir, Germany/Australia — “Intimate Perspectives on North Korea” / Helge Skodvin, Norway — “A Moveable Beast” / Maxim Dondyuk, Ukraine — “Culture of the Confrontation” / Kazuma Obara, Japan — “Exposure” / Victor Dragonetti, Brazil — “In Process” / Eduardo Garcia, Cuba — “Home” / Amy Luo, China — “Dreams” / Julia Fullerton-Batten, UK — “Feral Children” / Lynn Savarese, USA — “Plumigeri” / Dave Sandford, USA — “Liquid Mountains of Lake Erie” / Poike Stomps, The Netherlands — “Crossing Europe” / Maroesjka Lavigne, Belgium — “Land of Nothingness” / Sergey Ponomarev, Russia — “Refugee Crisis in Europe” / Minzayar Oo, Myanmar — “The Price Of Jade” / Asghar Khamseh, Iran — “Fire of Hatred” / David Jay, USA — “The Unknown Soldier” / Michal Chelbin, Israel — “Military Boarding Schools in Eastern Europe” / Gareth Bragdon, UK — “Untitled” / Fernando Famiani, Italy — “Etna Explosion” / Liz Palm, Norway — “Winter in Berlevaag, Norway”
The Jury for the Magnum and LensCulture Photographer Award 2016 were Martin Parr, Magnum photographer and President of Magnum Photos; David Kogan, CEO Magnum Photos, Stacey Baker, Photo Editor, New York Times Magazine, David Alan Harvey, Magnum photographer and founder of Burn magazine; Amy Pereira, Director of Photography, MSNBC, Newsha Tavakolian, Magnum photographer, and Jim Casper, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of LensCulture.
Next year, 2017 marks a significant year for Magnum as they celebrate 70 years since the conception of the photo agency. This landmark anniversary will be marked by a series of international events, projects and partnerships, with an emphasis on the agency's digital presence and the photography community at large – this award is part of the celebration.

Photo: Mea Sharim © Ofir Barak

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