Masters of Photography Launches with Joel Meyerowitz

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Masters of Photography have just launched their first masterclass with legendary photographer Joel Meyerowitz. Masters of Photography is a new and unique online learning platform which brings together some of the worlds most acclaimed photographers; the Masters. Students can enjoy an unprecedented insight into the way the Masters work during intimate lessons that capture their knowledge, ethos and philosophy.

Each Masters of Photography masterclass is priced at $170 (approximately £120 / €135).

Masters of Photography Press Release

Masters of Photography; Unique online masterclasses from the best photographers in the world.

London, 21 February 2018. Announcing the launch of Masters of Photography and their first masterclass with legendary photographer
Joel Meyerowitz.

Masters of Photography is a new and unique online learning platform which brings together some of the worlds most acclaimed photographers; the Masters. Students can enjoy an unprecedented insight into the way the Masters work during intimate lessons that capture their knowledge, ethos and philosophy.

Each online masterclass of 5 hours has been broken down into around 30 easy to follow lessons, allowing students to learn at their own pace as they embark on a personal journey with the greatest Master photographers.

Chris Ryan, professional photographer and filmmaker for 40 years and cofounder of Masters of Photography said: “The idea for Masters of  Photography came after an unsuccessful search for a site where I could learn from the photography greats who have inspired me throughout my career”.

MoP aims to teach and inspire all photographers to create better images. The classes do not feature technical lessons about how to use a camera, nor are they biased to any type of camera device. 

Production quality was a high priority for filmmaker Chris Ryan. He said: “We filmed the Masters in such a way that students feel like they are  walking side by side with their Master photographers gaining inspiration, listening, learning and watching. We wanted to make these masterclasses hugely engaging by using high production values, taking the Masters to locations across the world that both excited us and stimulated them. This gives students a unique view into how the Masters create their images”. 

The Masters’ roster opens with acclaimed artist photographer Joel Meyerowitz who gives the first masterclass; American photographer
Steve McCurry follows in the Spring and influential photographer Albert Watson soon after. 

Joel Meyerowitz is one of the most important protagonists of street and colour photography. He is a two-time Guggenheim Fellow, has 26published books and 350 exhibitions across the world. Talking about his masterclass he said: “Once you have a camera in your hand, you have a license to see, seeing is what photography is all about. You learn about yourself, and the world you live in. So what will you get out of my class? It's about finding your identity. Your identity as an artist, and as a human being who is interested in the world around you”. 

A selection of synopses, taken from Joel Meyerowitz’s masterclass 

Lesson No 02 - Influences
Joel shares with you some of the significant artists who have influenced him in his 55 years as a photographer and how to begin
building your own photographic library of ideas. 

Lesson No 04 The Street is ours
Join Joel on the streets of Manhattan. See through his expert eye how to observe seemingly mundane things and hear how you can
bring them together in one unique image. 

Lesson No 09 Street photography
Join Joel as he takes photographs in beautiful Siena and learn the tactics he uses to become invisible on the street. 

Lesson 27 Conversations between objects
We join Joel in his studio in Italy as he creates a still life and demonstrates the relationship between objects.

Joel Meyerowitz said: “I have rarely had, during a long life in photography, an opportunity to really dig deeply into my personal values
and ideas about the medium, as much as I have during the making of my Masters of Photography course”. He went on to say: “Creating this course has both reaffirmed my own feelings about the medium, and has developed a deep sense within me that this is the right moment to pass along the humanistic values I have learned about and developed through living a long life in Photography”.

Masters of Photography (MoP) have brought together some of the greatest photographers; those who truly define this art form. MoP cofounder Gilles Storme said: “The Master’s generosity allows us to share their extraordinary history, philosophy and thought process. We have made these unique courses to be accessible to anyone who wants to be inspired to see the world in a new way and develop their own craft and vision. We hope Masters of Photography will set a new quality standard for the photography e-learning market.”

MoP look forward to opening Steve McCurry’s masterclass in Spring 2018. 

Subscribe to to receive the latest updates and news. Celebrated for his incredible images that have captured the world around us including the iconic Afghan Girl in 1984, Steve McCurry said: “Mine is not a technical masterclass, it’s about developing your eye, it’s about finding those interesting pictures to tell great stories. I’m looking forward to showing the students that you can never go wrong by following your heart, you never go wrong photographing what you care about and what you are passionate about”.

Each masterclass is priced at $170 (approximately £120 / €135 based on local currency exchange rates as of February 2018)
• The first masterclass has over 5 hours of intimate modular video learning, broken out into 34 easy to watch lessons for students to
take at their own pace.
• Each masterclass contains entirely original content.
• Learn from the Master’s and take up the challenge of their assignments.
• Download workshop notes, a transcript and synopsis from each lesson.
• Students can upload and share their photographs with the MoP Community for critique and feedback from fellow students.
• Be inspired by peer images uploaded onto the student Photostream.
• Each student will receive a certificate of participation.
• Students can watch at their own pace using a lifetime access to their masterclass.
• Inspire someone by giving the gift of a course.

Watch or download the trailer for the Joel Meyerowitz masterclass here:

Watch or download the trailer for the Steve McCurry masterclass here:

Watch or download the trailer for the Albert Watson masterclass here:

Watch or download from a selection of short films here:

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