Monoslideshow 1.1

November 29, 2006 | Mark Goldstein | Software | Comment |

Monoslideshow 1.1Monokai Press Release

GRONINGEN, The Netherlands - Monokai announces today that Monoslideshow 1.1 is available. Monoslideshow is the new online Flash® image viewer. It is fully customizable, XML driven and easy to set up. Monoslideshow provides a fast, flexible and fresh way to present your photos online. A notable new feature in this version is the option to perform a Ken Burns effect, which slowly pans and/or zooms accross a photo.

Monoslideshow supports Flickr™ RSS feeds, as well as custom sounds, music and watermarks. There are more than 150 options available. For example, you can choose different transitions, colors and sizes for every object in the slideshow.

Instead of using the Flash® authoring environment, Monoslideshow is customized by a single XML-file. On the official homepage of Monoslideshow - - you can find a demo page where you can configurate Monoslideshow and download the resulting XML-file.

Monoslideshow is available for $19.95 on

Monoslideshow 1.1