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November 21, 2006 | Mark Goldstein | Websites | Comment |

myfabrikFabrik Press Release

San Mateo, Calif., November 20, 2006 – Targeting the approaching season of social events and new digital media gadgets, Fabrik today announces the commercial launch of its award-winning myfabrik ( service and unveils its new myfabrik lite ( service. After a successful four-month beta test and evaluation period, and numerous accolades and awards for its sleek user interface and rich feature set, the myfabrik service is now available to the general public through a free basic account and subscription-based premium accounts.

Complementing the public release of the myfabrik service, which lets users store, organize, share and embed their personal media, is the availability of a new myfabrik lite offering that serves as a hosting and delivery conduit for large files and personal media. The combined services represent the most complete set of solutions for consumers, creative professionals and small business owners who wish to consolidate and control the way they share or deliver their media and files through email, personal web pages, blogs or commerce and auction listings.

The myfabrik lite service is ideal for users seeking a single solution to create and embed streaming music playlists, slideshows with images and music, video players and scrolling photostrips without the need to create an account or join a public community. And, for distance collaboration or instances when files are too large to be emailed, myfabrik lite provides a simple high-capacity answer. Users simply select and upload the digital files or media that they wish to share, pick a preferred way to share them and then choose whether to email a link or embed a media player. The new service supports the sharing of any file type and the creation of media players with all popular image, audio and video file formats.

Popular uses for myfabrik lite include:

Embedding a streaming music playlist into a social network profile or blog
Custom sizing and embedding of images into blogs or auction listings
Creating embedded media players like image and music slideshows, scrolling photostrips and video clip players into web pages
Sharing files up to 1GB in total size without clogging up email systems
Embedding the myfabrik lite widget into forum sites for direct and private file sharing

“While many users are looking for a place to store and access their files, there are an increasing number of scenarios when people simply need a service to host and deliver content,” said Mike Cordano, CEO and co-founder of Fabrik. “These users don’t necessarily need to ‘store’ their files on a service where they can go back to them repeatedly. They just want a unified way to easily find, share and embed their favorite tunes, pictures or videos within their personal web pages.  And they’re tired of having to juggle room on multiple accounts just to share their content, and many of them want more privacy, versus notoriety, for the content that they upload for public access.”

For users who wish to consolidate their personal media libraries in one place where they can access it anytime from anywhere, the full-featured myfabrik service provides a complete and robust solution.  Users can start with a free basic account with 1GB of storage space, and then grow this over time into a premium account of up to 100GB for just 49-cents per gigabyte per month. Since myfabrik accounts can be shared by up to 10 users, they are ideal for family historians, creative professionals and small businesses. In addition to the features of myfabrik lite, the myfabrik service provides an easy way for users to organize and find their stored content based on tags, dates, folders, file names and information embedded by cameras and media rippers. 

Popular uses for myfabrik include:

All uses of myfabrik lite, plus:
Creating custom web pages for sharing with invited guests
Enabling remote browser-based access to personal media collections
Creating custom personal web pages for public viewing
Organizing large amounts of personal media

“Digital content has become a dominant form of social expression,” adds Cordano. “In the same way that artistic icons of the past shaped pop culture as a whole, we now look to digital media as a primary way of personal expression.  Building on the pervasiveness of content and digital media devices, this transformation has unleashed new forms of personal media usage as well as new expectations for the services that fulfill those needs, no matter how permanent or fleeting the personal statement. Fabrik’s goal is to make it as simple as possible for users to get the most out of their digital content.”

About Fabrik, Inc. 
Fabrik, Inc., founded in 2005, is a privately-owned company based in San Mateo, California. The company’s mission is to enable consumers to get the most out of their personal digital media. By allowing people to find, personalize and deliver digital content within their chosen micro-communities, Fabrik evokes freedom of expression through an individual’s personal media collection. The company develops software for home network appliances and online services that are marketed directly to consumers and through partnerships with global market leaders. For more information, please visit