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The redesigned Nero Trigger is a multi-functional camera trigger which helps photographers take photos of high-speed events such as popping balloons, breaking glasses, exploding items and so on. The device is compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax cameras. Nero Trigger comes in Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange and Purple, and retails for $199.

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Press Release

Nero Trigger Is Faster Than Your Shutter Finger

Nero Trigger is built to help you shoot high speed photos for the occasions that your shutter finger would not be sufficient

Nero Trigger is an ultimate camera trigger which helps photographers to take photos of high speed events which are almost impossible to capture just with human reflexes. A few examples of these events are lightning strikes, popping balloons, breaking glasses, exploding items, water splashes etc. Nero Trigger helps to take time lapse videos and HDR photos as well. You can also utilize different external sensors by plugging them to the external port and using DIY mode.

Nero Trigger has been redesigned to meet the demand of all photographers. It is based on a full digital design, there is no analog component used. Every single Nero Trigger is ready to offer the same accuracy level. The battery compartment is easily accessible, so you can replace the batteries just by opening the cover and putting the fresh batteries in. The remaining battery power is always displayed on the screen. It has a color LCD screen which provides you all the information you need right on the spot. With the clean and sharp menus, you will be ready to go in a few minutes.

The interchangeable camera connection cable is also another standard feature of Nero Trigger. You can also use the flash unit triggering port to trigger your flash.

Nero Trigger is compatible with the four major makes of the market, Canon, Nikon, Sony and Pentax. Actually it is compatible with other brands as well but customers should have their own cables as we don't carry the cables for other brands.

Nero Trigger comes in either Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange or Purple and will be available globally for a suggested retail price of $199 (US) in both Nero Trigger Online Store and Nero Trigger retailers. Nero Trigger offers express free shipping globally for customers who purchase the product from Nero Trigger Online Store.

About Us

If someone would have told us years ago, that one day we will be doing something about photography probably we wouldn't believe that. It all started when we all three came together and built our first camera trigger. Our purpose was to build a device which would help us to capture lightning photography. As we were all electronics engineers it was just a matter of days before the first prototype was ready. We have seen the countless options that can be done using such a trigger and we were very excited. Until then we were individuals who have just smiled at the cameras. But this project us turned us into enthusiastic photography gadget developers. We have added several other features that could be done with a such a device. It was quite a challenge to combine all these features in a single box. We overcame all these challenges by working long hours, mostly night time and weekends. Making the first commercially available product ready was much more difficult than designing it. After several months of organization effort, we were finally in the market and the date was February 2012. 

Once we hit the market, we were quite surprised with the demand we got. Photographers from all around the world were very excited to see Nerotrigger in the market. Finally there was a trigger in the market which offered many triggering modes in a single unit with a smart design. We received a lot of positive feedback from our customers, but also a lot of requests for new features. We evaluated all of these requests and selected the most popular ones. Adding them into the existing design resulted in the new version of Nero Trigger. We will be always listening to our customers and develop our products to fit their needs. Unlike the big companies where you don't get much personal communication, we always try to answer our customers directly by ourselves. We are a small company who aims total customer satisfaction.

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