New Bluetooth GPS Modules from Foolography

September 30, 2010 | Zoltan Arva-Toth | Accessories | Comment |

Wiesbaden-based Foolography has released new GPS modules for the Nikon D3100, D5000, D7000 and D90, which enable these cameras to include location data captured by any Bluetooth GPS receiver in the EXIF. The Foolography Unleashed Dx000 module (pictured) fits into the GPS socket of the first three Nikons, while the Foolography Unleashed D90 attaches to the side of the Nikon D90. These small modules include Bluetooth 2.0 compliant radios that can receive data from Bluetooth GPS devices, and pass them on to the cameras for geotagging purposes. The new Foolography Unleashed modules are priced at €149 each, including 19% German VAT. This is €50 less than the price of the existing Foolography Unleashed D200+ module, which attaches to the front of the Nikon D200, D300 and D300s models.

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